Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, D was actually in a much better mood today. And, he showed off all sorts of cool new tricks, like signing "more" back to me for the first time, and repeating it at a few different meal times today (he may also have signed "all done" but I'm not as positive about that one). And he's starting to figure out what a spoon and fork are for. Also at one point today I was laying on the floor by D and he lifted my shirt up and tried to tickle my belly. So cute! Oh, and we scored some great loot for the patio (two kid-sized plastic chairs, a toy truck, toy shopping cart) from a neighbor down the street who was getting rid of it all. Woot!

AND! I'm very excited about this-- I signed us up for swim classes, which start Thursday and will go on for 12 weeks. D has been a big fan of water the times he's encountered it, both in the bath rub and the few times we got out to a pool last summer/fall, and I'm pretty sure he's gonna love getting in the water for the classes. I'm psyched. I need to make sure the swim suit I bought him last month fits well enough, and also get him a pair of swim diapers (must be cloth, as per class rules, which is fine by me), and then we'll be set. =)

All that aside, I still feel dead tired today so I think I'll be heading to bed early tonight.


  1. oh, swim lessons, too cool!

  2. Love it, esp the tickles and the swim lessons and...the free hand me downs.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the frustrations that our little ones feel. My 15 month old has been getting angry anytime I say "no", which I try not to use often. Could it be teeth coming in too? It's so hard sometimes to know what they're thinking/feeling.



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