Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Night

  • Goodness, I think I need to get working on a new profile picture. I took the current one in September or October, I think, and D looks so different to me now.
  • I got the new issue of Real Simple in the mail yesterday, and flipping through it already seems like a great one. I love that magazine (even if the name isn't grammatically correct).
  • One of the articles in the magazine was a list of one woman's eco-friendly beauty & skincare products. I've been debating for a while about ditching my current gear and switching to more natural products. Recent articles about formaldahyde in baby bath & lotion products, and the apparent lack of regulation of beauty products in general (not to mention the 13 month old that constantly smushes his face up against mine all day long), is kinda pushing me over to maybe make this change sooner than later. Hmmm...
  • Little Mister's been kinda cranky today (and woke up once at 3am last night, and has already woken up once tonight since going to bed at 7pm), which means that Zach and I have also been somewhat cranky today. So I think we'll be going to bed early. Or, at least we meant to, yet it is somehow already 10pm. Oh well.


  1. I have been looking to switch products too...not that I wear much. Do they list Arbonne? I have found that they claim to be safe and natural but is is hype. It is so hard to find products that are truly safe!!

  2. It still amazes me how much crap gets put into the products we use. And that is just horrible about baby products!

    Can't wait to see the next new exciting photo.

  3. Put a comma between the two words: Real, Simple. It works better that way.

    Every time I see that photo of Donovan (your pic of the moment), I get scared. THE BAD GUY IS COMING UP THE STAIRS!!!! HE'S COMING TO GET US!!!



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