Wednesday, March 18, 2009

playing hooky

Zach came home early yesterday b/c he didn't feel well. This morning he felt better, but stayed home anyway to give himself a chance to rest up and get all the way better. It was kinda nice having him home today, got in a nice family day together. D's also got a runny nose and might not be feeling so hot, but wasn't too bad mood-wise, so we all stayed at home and didn't even get out of our pjs till 3pm. We did go for a walk in the afternoon to soak up the sunshine-- and also it's a good way to get D to rest, as otherwise when he's awake he's constantly walking back and forth across the length of the entire house. So that was nice, and then we came back and all lounged on the bed together for a while before dinner. D loved it, he's such a cuddle bug so having both mom and dad there to snuggle with was heavenly. =)

I think I'm gonna sign D up for mom-and-me swim classes, starting as early as next week. Just need to figure out which day to do it. One of our friends is gonna have her husband take their daughter as a father-daughter thing on Sundays, which is such a cute idea, but Zach's not too into water or swimming so I think it'll be me taking him sometime during the week. I'm excited, D has loved water so far and I want to take advantage of this phase while he's still in it. And it probably isn't a bad thing for him to learn any basic water skills they might teach him (not that we'll be throwing him in the pool to fend for himself any time soon). But yeah, I think it'll be fun. We'll see how it goes. =)


  1. It's so nice to have Brian home on the weekends. It just makes things easier. I know that if I need to use the bathroom and Mira doesn't want to be put down, I can just hand her off instead of being forced to listen to her cry while I go potty.

  2. The lessons are cool - and if he is having fun, that is what matters the most... It's great to know D is a snuggle bug! Hope everyone is on the mend fast.

  3. I dreamt about D swimming the other day. You may have mentioned something about the swimming lessons on Twitter; but the book I'm reading gave an example of a little girl jumping into the water to her dad (a trust issue/thing), so I was thinking about that, and right before going to bed I was looking through all those photos and videos you put on SmugMug. I guess I had D and pools on the brain.

    I tried to teach him how to say "piscina," but "pool" really was easier to say so I ended up letting him say that. Oh, and we told him to walk, not run.



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