Sunday, March 01, 2009


A restful weekend, this was not.

Fun? Yes. Exciting? Sure. But restful and relaxing? Not so much.

Yesterday we went up to SF to hang out with Jenny. We had lunch at a cute little Italian place in Cole Valley, then stopped in at a nearby playground to give D a chance to play a bit, and afterwards walked up Tank Hill for a nice view of the city. On our way back we stopped by Ankur and Subha's to see their super adorable house, and so they could meet D. It was great to see them, although we didn't time things out too well and thus got home past D's bedtime still needing to get him some dinner. So he had a bit of a late night, but dealt with it well. Zach and I then proceeded to have our own late night, watching The Office till 11pm.

Today was dominated buy car shopping. We've kinda gone through this process way too many times in the past 2 years, but here we were again, after Friday's discovery that Zach's car was, well, about to die. So we went out and bought a shiny new Honda Fit today. As in, *actually* new. Our first new car ever. There's lots to tell of this story, but I'll have to write about all that tomorrow. Right now I'm struck by what a complete wreck our house is at the moment, and so am off to try to see what I can do to minimize the damage.


  1. So what color IS it???

  2. did I tell you about If you sign up for her emails you need a separate account for them to click and delete rapidly, but she has a good system for house-cleaning.

    Cool about the car!

  3. Anonymous8:08 AM

    yay for the new honda - Andrew and I checked it out while purchasing our honda 2 yrs ago and was completely in awe on how big the inside is considering the tiny look from outside.
    Also very cool interior! can't wait to see it




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