Thursday, March 12, 2009

In utter awe, as usual

Time always seems to kinda slow down right at 5pm-- I know Zach'll be home soon, but it might still be a half-hour (or longer) till he's home, and D is often a bit crabby by the end of the day. So the past few days I've started taking D out on his wagon along our street. First I'd just take him up and down our street, yesterday we also went around the block a couple times. He'll kinda just sit there, looking super-serious while looking out at everything, which I think means he likes it. I haven't wanted to venture too far b/c I don't know how long he'll sit before trying to climb out, but so far he's been great about it and has only tried to stand up when the wagon is stopped, and I have the handle leaning up against the wagon side and he tries to reach for it. I'm hoping that eventually we can take the wagon down to the park, or even to the farmer's market as he gets a little older. =)

Yesterday we came back wit hthe wagon and since it wa still nice and light out, I figured we'd stay in the enclosed patio. I left the wagon out, and D walked over to it, picked up the handle, and started pushing. He pushed the wagon, little by little, about 5 whole feet till it was up against the fence! He's definitely entered that stage of wanting to hold/push very heavy things as he walks around. Pretty impressive. It's also so cool now that he's walking almost exclusively, and I can take hime outside and trust his blance pretty well. It makes outdoor time so much more feasable and enjoyable, letting him walk around on his own without worrying about what he's getting on his hands (and then into his mouth, as he inevitably goes to suck his thumb) as he crawls.

Today D was playing in the living room and then I noticed that he grabbed both his shoes off the table, and was walking around with them in his hands, and then went over to the front door and started banging it. Could he be trying to tell me he wants to go outside? I think he was. I put his shoes on and we walked outside and we blew bubbles a bit, then spent about 20 minutes just opening and closing the gate door. It's so very cool to see him expressing himself more, to see him have an idea (wanting to go outside), try to get it across to me, and then see him be delighted when we actually do it.

I keep looking at him as he walks and babbles and points and goes about his business, so obviously having clear ideas of exactly what he wants to do and seeming so grown up, and I try to remember how small he used to be and it's just... incredible. That this:
Baby's first trip into Genevaday9
Has become this:

What amazing creatures we human beings are. To think of all the complex processes that are going on to help produce this growth and change, all the factors that need to add up right, etc... To think that one of the most common, every-day occurrences in the world-- a child growing up-- is also one of the most awe-inspiring.


  1. This post made me think about one of my favorite photos ever! It's a picture of my oldest pushing his stroller through the grass at the park when he was first learning to walk. And I have another one of him from that same roll of film (ha!) sitting in a wooden wagon that his pa-paw had just bought him. Wow, that brings back so many memories of the sweet little town in TN we were living in during that time. It's crazy how quickly they grow and how long ago that seems now, but at the same time.. it almost feels like yesterday! (Don't worry, I'm not going to burst into song, but it does make me a bit emotional!)

    What an exciting stage your little one is going through! :)

  2. I work at a daycare right now and my class is the 13-17 month olds. I have 5 little wobblers (sometimes 6 or 7 when the daycare is being ILLEGAL) for 8 hours every day and it is so difficult but so rewarding. I have started teaching them a bit of sign language to help me understand what they want and need. At first it was frustrating because I never thought that they would catch on. But my YOUNGEST asked for "more please" by handing me her juice cup, doing the signs for more and please, and saying the vowel sounds (oh ee!) as she did the signs. I was so proud of her and so amazed that she caught on so quickly. Children are so amazing! I wish more parents thought so.

  3. I think your photos sum up the delight. They are so beautiful. I agree that the process is so amazing and it's definitely easier when you aren't doing it full time.. Of course I miss the rewards of the coolest stuff, being mom... :)

  4. Great post. Eliza leaves me in awe each and every day! My mom used a wagon with my nieces and they LOVED it. I am going to use it with e too. We just have no room in the condo. :( I am sure D loves it....less restrictive than a stroller and he can really see the world. Wonderful.



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