Saturday, March 21, 2009


Donovan is turning out to be very much like his dad, at least in some respects. One of them is his apparent love of the outdoors. He has always loved going on walks, hardly ever fussing in his stroller (at least not while it's in motion), and Zach's been taking him out a lot in the backpack carrier which D seems to also adore. D has also started showing very clear signs of wanting to go outside when we're playing at home, and gets very excited when I put his shoes on and start heading towards the door with him. He may not quite have caught up with his father's history (Zach's first words were apparently "Wanna go outside" uttered before his first birthday) but I think he's following fairly close.

We've taken D on many short walks (~20mins) around the neighborhood in the backpack carrier, but have been wondering how D would fare on a longer hike. Last weekend we decided to try it out and took him out to a nearby hiking trail. As expected, D loved it. We walked up and down one trail for about half an hour, then came to a farmhouse where we took a short break to give D a snack and let him look at some of the animals (turns out they only had a pig out that day). Then he went right back in the backpack to finish off the hike. It all went really well, which I realize is no guarantee that it'll go well next time, but it's nice to know that we can try to take him out hiking again and he's got a good chance of having a good time.

Here's a few photos from the hike:

More photos over here.


  1. Those photos are beautiful. I was going to comment on the SmugMug page, but wasn't sure how to comment on the whole set and was too lazy to figure it out.

    I love how far Zach has to hunch over to hold D's hand while walking! :P

  2. Hiking is great for everyone: fresh air and being close to nature. It's good your cute baby is enjoying it too.

    And yes, the photos are awesome.

  3. the area around you is awesome for hiking. They've got some great sites on the web about the parks of the area, especially near the one that you went to in those photos. I used to mtn bike a lot over there but loved that side since it's must more green and full of life...

  4. Zach H12:14 PM

    I'd like comment that it is only my mom that remembers me saying anything before 1 year of age. Everyone agrees it was "wanna go outside" but the timing is not verified. Speaking before 1 would be kinda incredible



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