Monday, March 30, 2009

Move Over, Picasso

Mom and Philip left today. We had a great, if too-short, weekend. It's always so fun to watch the grandparents playing with Donovan, and he had such a great time with them, too. I have lots more to say about their visit, but think I'll hold off on writing about it till tomorrow when I'll (hopefully) have pictures ready to post along with it.

Instead, today I will present you with Donovan's first piece of artwork!

A couple times I've handed him a pen/pencil/marker and a piece of paper to see if he'd make any attempt to draw, and he's never had any interest at all. Then today I was trying to measure his feet so I could know which size of shoes to order for him (think I'll be getting him a pair of Keen sandals for summer-- pricey, but I love the anti-toe-stubbing coverage, and Zach also has a pair and how cute will it be for them to have matching shoes??? Ok sorry). So I grabbed D, the sizer print-out, and a pen to mark off his size and as I was trying to position his feet on the paper he grabbed my pen and made a few marks on the paper-- I think accidentally at first, but then he started getting more into it. I tried turning the paper over to the blank side for him, but he got upset and turned it back over--he wanted the printed side. The funniest part was that every few minutes he'd stop scribbling and slap his foot on the paper, in immitation of how I was trying to get his foot on the marks to measure! Then he'd scribble some more.

It was awesome. And of course, I have written his name and date on the paper, and we will be saving this as a keepsake. =)

I'm so excited to get him started on art projects, so this was just really cool. I keep wanting to buy him crayons or sidewalk chalk, etc, but they're always listed as for kids way older than him... but I don't know, maybe we'll just try it anyway. Julia was also talking about doing a baby finger-painting experiment with D and Sophia sometime this week, which would probably end up being a huge mess... and completely awesome.


  1. Start collecting tubs to store the artwork in. I still can't bear to throw away R's original pieces, but I have finally come to terms with ditching the coloring pages.

  2. That's so exciting! :)

    I saw some new crayons/ markers/ stamps in the store the other day while buying new art supplies, called Tadoodles by Crayola. I'm not sure what age range they were for, but if he can hold a pen, I'm sure he could use them! They're round, shaped like animals, and washable. I've never used them, because they just came out and my kids are too old now, but it's something to maybe check out!

    Also, I agree with Lindsey, the artwork is going to start piling up before you know it! :)

  3. Very cute! Love the thought of those sandals!

  4. BWahaha!!! He was writing notes to you about the size and type of shoes he wants!

    Now go place his order!

  5. When I taught the 13-17 month olds at the daycare, I would do finger painting with them! They love the texture of the paint!



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