Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quick photo post before watching The Office and going to bed.

The new car (I think we'll call it Jazz):

D's "new" high chair, borrowed from a friend (doesn't he look so much more grown up in it? BTW he is strapped in, the blue strap just blends in with his jeans):
New High Chair (sort of)

And pictures of flowers taken on a recent walk, b/c they're pretty and I'm quite proud. =P


  1. i love the color you guys chose!
    and the flower pix are amazing -- it's funny to think that the flowers are blooming already!

  2. I must disagree with ThatBeeGirl. Purple would have been much cooler. See how pretty the lilac on the flowers looks? YOUR WHOLE CAR COULD HAVE BEEN THAT PRETTY.

    Also, while the flowers are very pretty indeed, I'm in a delicate mental state right now, with all the job-hating. I need more D photos!!! I feel there has been a severe shortage of late.

    Videos help too. Bring it all on.

    (A real, life D would SEVERELY improve my mood and mental state, but you probably don't want to drive Jazz that far quite yet. Photos and video will do.)

  3. We love the Tripp Trapp. Global Baby may only be 5.5 months old and just starting solids, but with him pushed up to the table it truly feels like a "family meal!"

  4. Congrats on the new car! Cute!

    I think it really helps kids focus on their food when they are up there eating with mommy & daddy rather than off to the side somewhere in a high chair.

  5. D does look grown up in that chair. I just like his little side profile....he is a cutie.

  6. jesslikesyourdof11:17 AM

    you should be proud they are beeeutiful

  7. I love that chair!! I just made up my mind what kind of chair I want when Mira get's big enough.

    D is SOOO cool... just chillin with his food containers on the floor! hah!!

    Those flower shots are amazing - nice job. I love spring



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