Sunday, February 01, 2009

Weekend in The City

Yesterday morning we headed on up to San Francisco and met up with Jenny and Daddy at the zoo. It was a gorgeous day, if only a touch chilly, and although D didn't seem too particularly interested in many of the animals and was a bit cranky at one point overall I think we all had a great time. Zach and I took turns some playing with the 70-300mm lens we borrowed from Benjamin, and as I'm sorting through the photos now on the computer I'm kinda blown away by many of them. Unfortunately we missed out on seeing the baby giraffe, but had decent luck with many of the other animals including getting to watch the 4 tigers romping around and playing.
San Francisco Zoo-23
Jenny has a friend who's the manager of an Argentinian restaurant called El Raigon in North Beach, so she made us reservations there for dinner. I was a bit worried about how it would go with D along, especially after he'd had a long day already at the zoo, but he did pretty darn great. I did feel kinda bad that he filled up on Cheerios and Gerber puffs so when our food came he didn't even have any interest in the meat, which was all fabulous. Jenny's friend was so nice, gave us a few treats on the house, and all the food was incredible. Definitely recommend this place. Funny random aside- when Jenny introduced us to her friend, he went to give me the usual Latin greeting of a kiss on the cheek. My mind immediately went to "Swiss mode" and was set to give the there-standard 3 kisses... except in South America you only give 1. I've almost missed those semi-awkward how-many-kisses-to-give moments.

This morning we walked around Fisherman's Wharf a bit and checked out the sea lions, had brunch at Boudin bakery, and then headed back in the early afternoon. I think we're all a bit tuckered out after lots of walking and fun in the city, so are having a pretty tame evening-- take-out pizza and some wine. And I think we'll be going to bed a bit early.

I've uploaded some of the photos here, will get to the rest of them tomorrow I think. Daddy's gonna be here for a few days so I think I'll be taking advantage of the baby-sitting opportunities. ; )

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  1. Spain does two kisses... so I was used to the one, and the people I met there expected the second kiss.



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