Tuesday, February 10, 2009

National Bankruptcy Day?

Today's the day that the new CPSIA regulations go into effect. I unfortunately haven't been keeping up as much with CPSIA news lately. There was hope about a possible 1-year postponement on the enforcing of CPSIA (click here to see the press release), but it seems that, effectively, little has changed or improved. The new lead and pthalate requirements are in effect as before, although the CPSC has said it will not enforce testing requirements till Feb 10, 2010 (but again you still have to comply with the new lead and pthalate requirements and be responsible for anything you sell that's got more than 600ppm lead in it). And although the CPSC won't enforce untill 2010, that doesn't mean other enforcement agencies won't decide to step in and enforce the law and requirement to have testing certificates (sound confusing? That's b/c it is).

So now we're left to mourn businesses that have already disappeared, wait to see if/how the government enforces this law, and what it will mean for the future. I stopped by one local public library a week or 2 ago and asked them hat their plan was for dealing with the CPSIA's effect on libraries, they seemed to believe they had nothing to worry about. You know, I kinda feel like back in the 1999-2000 switch, when people were waiting to see if all our computer systems would crash and life as we know it totally change. I'm really wondering what all this will develop into, and hoping logic and reason prevail.

I'm periodically checking in at the Fashion Incubator blog and National Bankruptcy Day, as well as the twitter discussions, to try to keep up with ongoing news about all this.

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