Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Did I really recently say motherhood was starting to almost feel easy? B/c I think D heard me, and decided to put me back in my place.

The past week or so he has just been so whiny. I don't know what's going on-- delayed reaction to weaning? (did fine the first couple days of the new "schedule") Teething? The weather? Coming down with a cold? I don't know. But he keeps whining and crying at random times, and I have no idea why, and not only is it frustrating not knowing why your kid's upset it's also exhausting. Today was especially bad. He just went to bed, which is nice, but now I have a headache, right in my right eye socket.

I think I'm done for today. I could go on, but it would just be one long pity party and I don't think anyone's gonna benefit from that right now. So instead I'll try to get to bed early tonight, and hopewe can all get some decent sleep tonight.


  1. hope the crap mood goes away soon. I've been tired all week and I don't even have a kid! :)

  2. He's upset that you have not announced yet your plans to fly to Texas -- the DFW area, specifically -- for Spring Break. He's worried you might actually be thinking of NOT taking him to visit his tía favorita.

    Frankly, I have to agree with him.

    Oh, and he also hates the rain. Like father, like son. Which is why you should bring him to sunny Texas.



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