Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Why don't friends with kids have time?"

Feeling much better now, thanks to sunshine, a happy kiddo, a loving hubby, and a coffee-and-shopping outing with a friend. Yay. =)

I do find it fitting that I came across this today (click to enlarge), and can't resist sharing it with y'all. Fellow moms should get a kick out of it.


  1. BWAHAHA!!!

    AWESOME response.

    (Because it's newsprint, the "n" in "keep your snit to yourself" almost looked like an "h"... which made the response even better.)

  2. jessicalikeysun6:49 AM

    love the article. it sounds like you had a fabulous day. we might be meeting your friend kristy and her husband for dinner tomorrow night. yeah for meeting someone in austin. itàs sunny today. jon woke up complaining about the sun in his eyes and he got up to pull down the shade and some beastly growl came gurgling up out of me and i think he thought i was going to bite him on the leg if he did it. i just looooooooove waking up to full sun in my face. i can sleep right through it. and better.

  3. hahahahaha that is awesome

  4. I showed this to my friend Shannon, also a parent, who just laughed

  5. I can't believe that first letter?! Though I might have written it BK... Just try grocery shopping with a kid versus without and that will answer all questions.



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