Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Donovan is the birthday boy, they say!
Donovan is the birthday boy today!

Cannot friggin believe it. This is one of those times where it feels like time's just flown by, but at the same time when I think back to one year ago today it feels like forever ago. It's been one crazy year, filled with what might just be the lowest lows and highest highs of my life. It's true, btw, the pain of labor and birth have faded immensely by now-- I can tell b/c I no longer shiver when I think of it. But I also know without a doubt that however bad it felt at the time, it's so totally, completely worth it. B/c this little guy is the Coolest Person On Earth.

I put together a slide show of pictures of little D growing up over the past year. It runs a little fast, b/c I set it to fit to the song but still included too many pictures. I am not exaggerating when I say I've taken thousands of pictures of him, and whittling them down to even 150 was TOUGH. So just watch it a few times if you need to. ; ) I showed it to Zach the night I'd finished, and he teared up halfway through. I take that as a sign I did good on it.

Music: Me and You by Ray Herndon
BTW go to the youtube page and watch it in "high quality". it looks a lot better.

(A word on the music: I remember when this song first came out must've been back in the early 90's sometime, I think sung by Kenny Chestney [before he decided to be the next Jimmy Buffet]. Then a few years ago Zach took me to go see Lyle Lovett play for my birthday. One of the members of his band, Ray Herndon, happened to also be the opening act as he had a solo album out. And he played this song. Turns out he's the original writer. We bought his CD as Zach and I both really liked all his stuff, and this one song quickly became a favorite again. And anytime I heard it while pregnant I'd start tearing up thinking about the little baby we would soon be holding. I know it's intended to be a song about romantic love, but I think it also is fitting for the love between a parent and child and was the first to come to mind when I thought of this little project.)


  1. happy birthday donovan!

  2. Seriously - that is insanely beautiful - even though I only know you through the blog, I loved watching the slideshow and feel like I really know you and remembered all that happened over the past year...I sat here in tears thinking about the familiar and favorite photos, toys, and activities. Good work Momma and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONOVAN!

  3. Happy Birthday Donovan! Sophie and I loved it. She sang along the whole time and looked at all the pictures.

  4. Monika8:15 AM

    Happy Birthday Donovan, Audrey and I loved it too!!!
    she kept pointing at the different things she saw in the pics while I got blurry vision from all the tears :)
    so beautiful!! and what a wonderful boy! Congrats Mom and Dad for surviving the first year!!!

  5. Such a sweet video, Marcy! Happy Birthday to Donovan!

  6. Happy Birthday to Donovan! What a milestone.....something else to think about...I was about 2 weeks pregnant at Josie's 1st birthday. :) Hee hee....
    Very cute video!

  7. Happy birthday to your little man! It's a bitter sweet day isn't it? I was sad that my little girl wasn't so little anymore yet filled with anticipation for what was next to come. he's gorgeous by the way :D

  8. oh my word. Happy Birthday Donovan! Now I must go refresh my mascara, as it is puddling down my face. I am such a wreck.

    That was great Marcy :o)

  9. Happy Birthday Donovan! The slideshow was great. That one pic of his bandaged arm brought back memories of Eliza's uti.

  10. I was avoiding reading this post and commenting on it, because it makes me sad that I'm not there to celebrate.

    Freddy and I watched the video this afternoon, and it made me cry. Lots of the photos did (and I was very proud of the ones I TOOK).

    This has been an amazing year, for all of us! Thank you for giving us Donovan, and for bringing him to Texas as often as you do. :)

  11. That's such an awesome gift! The photos are so incredible and the fact that you have so many esp from when you were still in Switzerland is even cooler... Happy Birthday little D! I'm glad I remembered... :)

  12. I love the slide show! Endi Lee turned 1 today as well:)



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