Monday, February 16, 2009

Spending that rainy-day fund

Zach had today off from work, so we got to have a nice long weekend together. Unfortunately the weather's kinda sucked through all of it (I know we need the rain, but does it really have to be this cold and dreary? [and this is when anyone reading this who's dealing with snow gives me the evil eye]). Zach was determined to have us get out of the house today so we went to the mall and to Borders, which worked out pretty well-- I got to have a nice vanilla latte and catch up on some gossip mags while Zach followed D around the store as he tried to pull books off the shelf (yes, we may have already become those parents).

I also got to go bra shopping at Victoria's Secret. Didn't really come home with much, other than a similar feeling to when I started trying on regular jeans again after 9 months of super-stretchy (aka comfortable) maternity pants. After a year plus of all wireless bras (b/c I read once that underwires make you more likely to get mastitis which I was TERRIFIED of getting), underwired bras might be a bit hard to get used to. Or maybe I'll just stick to wireless. I realize this discussion might fall into the realm of "too much information" but I figure I already crossed that line long ago, you know with all the poop talk.

In other news, Zach and I got some christmas money for, well, christmas, and have been heming and haing on what to do with it. We'd talked of buying a tv, and some other stuff, but those things also didn't really make that much sense when I really thought about it. So we talked some more and decided to use the money to buy a cheapo bike for Zach to keep at work (for when he's running tests and thus has to stay in the vicinity for when the test ends, but has spare time while it's running) and... (drum roll please) a new flash! I rented a speedlite 430ex over the holidays and it was really nice to have, but haven't been able to justify spending the money on buying one for ourselves. Then I looked through Benjamin's photos from D's birthday party, and I was reminded of what.a.difference a good flash (and good bouncing) can make. So, long story short (too late?) tonight I ordered the 430ex from And am super excited for it to come in 3-5 business days. =)


  1. YAY! I'm so excited about your flash. I checked out that rental site and might spring to try one out myself. Right now I'm pondering the purchase of a new portrait lens. Do you know anything about the 50mm f/1.8?

  2. cool about the flash, I'm sure it will come in handy.. I was thinking about everyone having the day off while I worked yesterday up here in Canada, but then again. I get a lot of time off, so I am fine with it. :) Hope you enjoyed your time together!

  3. Amy and Rick-

    Um... only that it happens to be MY FAVORITE LENS! =P When we bought our camera we got the 17-85mm as the kit lens, and Zach also bought a 50mm 1.8. I use the 50mm about 85% of the time, I swear. If you look through my pictures of Donovan, almost every single one was taken with that lens.

    It's such a fabulous lens for the money. Right now I'm renting a 24mm 1.4L. It's a $1,600 lens, and to be completely honest, I haven't noticed it being that significantly nicer than my $90 50mm 1.8 (the main advantage being the wider 24mm perspective vs 50mm, which can be limiting at times).

    I have friends who have the 50mm 1.4 and it's a bit nicer, focuses faster, etc, so if you can splurge on that one I'd say go for it, if anything ever happens to our 50mm I might upgrade, but as it is I a so in love with my lens. It really is a must-have, especially since it is so ridiculously inexpensive.

  4. Did you let him pull the books off the shelves and then just LEAVE them on the floor? Or did you clean up after him?

    If you cleaned up, you're not one of those parents.

    Or if it was in the kid's area, which is known to be a disaster zone. I know, I've been there.

    New flash = LOTS OF PHOTOS OF D. Happiness all around.

  5. Oh man, Mark (my husband) got me a flash for christmas and I LOVE it. I haven't used my camera without it since I got it. I also haven't used it outside since it's been cold and I probably won't use it outside when it's warm out since the lighting doesn't need so much help.

    I've never even considered using a 50mm lens. I love wide angle so I typically use my 18mm setting but I might really enjoy a faster lens. For $90 it's worth a try.

    I was so eager to get back into regular bras. One afternoon out with some girls I realized i didn't need to be wearing a nursing bra so I headed back in the house just to change my bra. I never really found a nursing bra with good shape and support. Next time I'll see about spending $45 and getting one from VS. (I've never bought a bra there because they are so expensive...) I got really used to having no shape! But I'm so happy to wear my regular bras again most days now since I only breastfeed before I get dressed in the morning and right before bed. :)



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