Saturday, February 21, 2009

lil' blue eyes

Sophia came over to play for a bit today while Cyrus and Zach went off to pick up the loveseat we got from my friend Pat. She was trying to get rid of furniture, we've been trying to figure out a more comfortable arrangement for watching tv or movies, and voila we now have a nice little loveseat in the office. We don't have a working tv yet (well, we have a tv but no cable and no dvd player) so the laptop will do for now. Especially since we have Netflix again, and so can stream movies online. Anyway, things went well enough, at least until Sophia got tired but couldn't seem to get herself to go to sleep. Luckily D went down for a nap fairly easily right at about this time, so it wasn't a bit deal. I told Sophia I didn't take her fussing personally. At least I got to take a few cute pictures of her first. ; )

We met up with some friends that we haven't seen in a while for lunch, where D was a big hit. Afterwards we stopped by Carolyn and John's since we were in the area. Zach grew up with many friends who had the habit of just dropping by unannounced and likes to do the same, which makes me cringe at first (what if they're not home? what if they're busy? what if it's just a bad time?) but I also love the idea of having that comfortable of a friendship that it's ok to just stop by whenever. And it turned out great, they were home and we got to play with their dog, and even made a quick trip to a nearby park for D to play a bit. So maybe Zach's got the right idea after all.

Zach convinced me to watch Ratatouille tonight, partially to test out our new set-up. He's seen it before and remembered really liking it (now admits that a lot of that might've just been b/c it's set in Paris). I thought it was cute enough, though I can't seem to watch kid movies anymore without the critical eye of a parent. And so rather than sit back and enjoy the movie, I keep thinking, "Why do they have to have so many characters that are so darn mean?" and "What's up with all these chase sequences involving cars and knives and guns that serve no purpose other than filling time and causing tension in the audience (do kids really need to get all worked up about a movie that's supposed to be for fun)?" and "How are you supposed to explain things like an illegitimate child, or people getting drunk, or being hungover, to a little kid?" And then there's the lesson that if you're going to steal from someone who trusts you, just make sure they really need you, too, so all that really happens in they get mad at you for a little while and then forgive you when you come back. And in the end you'll own a restaurant together and still live out your life's dream. Ok, sorry, being harsh. Again, I do think it's a cute movie, I just don't agree with it being targeted as a kid's movie. Then again when I turn this same critical eye at most Disney films and other kid's movies I feel the same way (do we really need to introduce 3 years olds to the concept of evil people that wish nothing but harm on others?). For the record, I do remember liking most of Pixar's other movies, though part of me wonders if I watched those with these same standards in mind.

And now I will close with more cute pictures of the kiddoes.

PS- almost forgot the BIG BUMMER from today. I pulled out my trusty Canon Powershot "point-and-shoot" camera to take a video of Zach giving D a bath tonight, b/c the giggles coming from the bathroom were just too adorable to miss... and then discovered that the screen on it is busted. =( BOO! Very sad, seeing as I keep that camera in my bag constantly and take many many videos with it. The nice thing is these cameras seem to be relatively cheap nowadays, and we can hopefully find a replacement for less than $200. We shall see....


  1. what a cute little playdate!

  2. I'm still mesmerized by D. I swear we would get along and he would make me melt. And that is so cute about the play date minus the bit of fussiness. That's great about the couch too! We still don't have our belongings and live in a small space so I can't wait until we get that too!

    By the way, while in Switzerland last March my fav family of 3,4,7 year old boys were raving about Ratatouille. I think they might see it in a different way because they couldn't stop talking about it! At least there aren't any swear words right? I think that should matter first as I don't think boys see it in the same meaning, but maybe that is wrong.

  3. it's so great they play so well together!

    point-and-shoots are so (relatively) cheap now! i'm in the market for a new one, too. amazon (of course!) usually has the best deals.

  4. D seems to share your fascination with baby toes, judging from that first photo.

    PS - I'm not even a parent, and I do the same thing with movies.

  5. Oh my.. I just stumbled across your blog and it's crazy because my husband just got "Ratatouille" from the library for the boys, which I then reminded, him scared our youngest last time. They wanted to watch it again for some reason though and he seemed to be fine with it this time around, so I dunno. I pretty much have the same exact thoughts towards you about the film though. Anyway.. your blog looks really sweet, I'll have to visit again soon and read more. :)

  6. Funny you mention Ratatouille, DH loves it, but we never really thought of it as a kids' film. It doesn't really seem aimed at kids. I do the same with most cartoons (well, the few I've seen on cable when at a hotel, we don't have TV at home). I'm shocked that this is supposed to be kid entertainment.



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