Thursday, February 26, 2009

because he looks good in brown

I took this picture the other day, after D and I had been playing in the kitchen and then he saw the camera and started coming over to try to grab it. He was climbing up onto me and I was holding the camera up just over my shoulder and fired some shots just for fun. This was one of them, and I almost deleted it (I'm trying not to keep every one of the many many many pictures I take of him constantly) but there was something about it that I liked, so instead I headed over to the Develop module in Lightroom and started playing. For the first time I experimented with using the split toning option, and then when I was getting frustrated at how his eye seemed to disappear into the picture anytime I darkened the shadows, I decided to play around with the local adjustments brush and increase the brightness of just his iris. And now I kinda really really like this picture. =)

This is, of course, the worst kind of lesson for a perpetual pack-rat to learn, when the hoarding of things that you usually know you will never need actually pays off encouraging you to hoard even more, but at least digital files take up little room and we do have a whole terabyte drive to fill up. I wonder how long it'll last, especially if I ever try out shooting in RAW at some point... ;)

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