Monday, February 02, 2009

Photos: SF Zoo

San Francisco Zoo-3
San Francisco Zoo-21 (cropped)
San Francisco Zoo-29
San Francisco Zoo-33
San Francisco Zoo-58
San Francisco Zoo-79
San Francisco Zoo-89
San Francisco Zoo-93
San Francisco Zoo-107
San Francisco Zoo-109
San Francisco Zoo-112

These were all taken with the 70-300mm lens and man was that thing fun to play with. It was slightly annoying at times that you can't focus on anything closer than 5ft, and it would limit how often I'd use this lens of I owned it, but it was awesome to have at the zoo and I am really impressed with how sharp so many of the photos are (and the ones that aren't are more from user error than anything to do with the lens). See the rest of the day's photos here.

We bought a family pass to the zoo, so I'm sure we'll be taking a few more trips up there over the next year and get more practice at photographing the animals.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the 70-300mm. I agree on the closest focus distance getting in the way. My other zoom (70-200) has the same focus limitation. Maybe you should get the 35-300mm L. It will focus down to about 2 feet. Perfect "vacation lens". It only weighs about 4 pounds and is a steal at $2300. :P

  2. Those are fabulous photos! Did you rent the lens?

  3. Love the photos and I'm so glad that D felt better so you could go! My faves are the claw, the zebra, and the family : )

    As for the lens, I have a 70-300mm as well as a 18-55mm and wish I had a combination to meet in the middle...someday... : )

  4. Wow - those are some great shots! I totally enjoyed my lens like that also... We get to show up in Cali for a week in April, but I'm sure I'll be too darn busy to visit the zoo.



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