Thursday, February 05, 2009

Birthday Recap

To celebrate D's birthday we drove back up to Sf, picked Jenny up from work, and headed over to the Warming Hut for a lovely lunch, enjoying the lovely weather and gorgeous views. The Hut also sells all sorts of books and goodies, so since we hadn't bought D anything as a birthday gift (I know, we're terrible parents) I bought him a copy of Good Night, San Francisco to commemorate the day. After lunch we walked down by the water a bit, then dropped Jen off back at work before heading to Golden Gate park to give D some playtime at this super awesome playground we stumbled upon on a while back. I think overall the kiddo had a pretty good birthday. =)
Dono's 1st Birthday-6
Dono's 1st Birthday-17
(We didn't plan well enough to actually have cake for D, but the Hut had these little pastries that we to die for, so we sang him Happy Birthday over those instead)
Dono's 1st Birthday-28
Dono's 1st Birthday-29
Dono's 1st Birthday-63
Dono's 1st Birthday-31
Dono's 1st Birthday-43
Dono's 1st Birthday-68
Dono's 1st Birthday-77
Dono's 1st Birthday-81
He was pretty tuckered out by the end of the day and slept the entire drive back home. We then had a fairly mellow end of the day, and when I put him down to bed I got a little lump in my throat thinking of how this was the end of his First Birthday, and the end of his First Year, how much he's grown already (and how much Zach and I have changed and grown because of it). There's that old nostalgia rearing its head, and at the same time so much excitement about what's to come, which I guess is a feeling to get used to as I doubt that mix will wane anytime soon. It's astounding how much has changed in this past year, how different motherhood feels now than it did 12, 9, 6, 3 months ago. I keep marvelling these days at how lucky I am, because he is just such a joy, so happy, so easy-going, and I'm kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop because motherhood actually almost feels easy.

It is so cool to see how much he enjoys being around me, and also how excited he is to see Zach every day when he comes home from work. He's babbling constantly these days, experimenting with all these different sounds (from long "mamamamamamamas" to "nah"), and I'm trying to listen in for when one of those sounds might have meaning attached to it. Zach's been trying to teach D how to give a "high 5" and yesterday in the bathtub, he actually put his open hand up to meet mine. I still feel exhausted a lot of the time and wish I had more free time, but OH MY GOD this kid is so much fun to be around most of the time and it just keeps getting better.


  1. Oh my - it's so sunny there!! We are spending our days in the dense fog that has settled around Lake Geneva. ugh. I looks like you all had a great time!

  2. Marci, these pics absolutely make me miss CAlifornia. IT's so beautiful and warm out! I miss the warmth a lot but alas we will be there in April to enjoy the warmth!

    D's Bday looked incredible!!!!

  3. "...because motherhood actually almost feels easy."

    That's because looking at that face makes you forget all about the Week of Exploding Diapers and other such occurrences.



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