Friday, January 30, 2009

Yays all around

So I think The Diarrhea is officially (finally) over. WOOT! Declaring this will of course mean that we will have a big, messy blowout at the least convenient time tomorrow. But D's appetite was great most of today, and his poops are much much closer to normalish consistency. Yay for normal poop.

Had some friends over for dinner tonight. Good times (though I don't think little Sophia agreed). Lots of stuff traded hands-- Benjamin & Karen returned some baby books I'd lent her and brought a lens for me to borrow over the weekend, I returned some photography books I'd borrowed from them and in turn sent them off with a box of baby clothes for their maybe-boy to maybe-wear. Yay for generous friends.

Now I need to get to bed and rest as tomorrow promises to be a big day, and a big weekend overall. Looking forward to hopefully nice weather, to having some fun taking pictures, and most of all to spending the day/weekend with my sister and dad. Yay for family.

BTW check out D's newest trick:
Mini- Gene Simmons??
(Please ignore the horrid focusing job)


  1. glad your little guy is feeling better, M!

  2. Is he in training to be a member of a Kiss cover band?

    Glad he's doing better!

  3. Yay for normal poop!

    If you don't want to venture out with him and his potentially exploding keister, I'm pretty sure Jen and Daddy would not particularly mind coming to you instead...

  4. D's shots have been so silly lately! Great shots still.. I always love them!

  5. haha...E had never doen that with her tongue..I am actually a little worried she is tongue tied!



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