Thursday, January 22, 2009

Phase 2

Yesterday was pretty uneventful overall, D seemed to not feel great but not too bad, either. Today however we seemed to have moved onto Phase 2 of whatever bug he got. Not too bad overall, though D did go through about 4 wardrobe changes over the course of the day. In the afternoon he actually ate a handful or so of cheerios (yesterday I think he ate about 3, total) and he's been nursing and drinking Pedialyte for fluids. Depending on how things go overnight and tomorrow morning, I might call the KP advice line again to see if there's anything else I should be doing or looking out for, or just keep on keepin' on.

These past few days have certainly been a lesson on the energy-draining powers of worry. Aside from a bit of extra clean-up, D hasn't been much more demanding than usual, yet at the end of each day I've felt completely worn out. I can't help but think it stems more than anything, from all the worrying about (and feeling bad for) D. It is truly astounding just how much the sheer act of worrying takes out of you. Then again the dreary, rainy weather hasn't helped, either.

Tomorrow is Friday, and Jenny will be coming down either that evening or Sat morning to hang out for the weekend which makes me very happy. And not only will Jenny be around, but we've got multiple offers for baby-sitting, too. Zach's been having a rough week at work, too, so I think some weekend relaxation will do us all quite a bit of good.


  1. Poor baby! I feel for you, having spent a month with Finn sick on and off it is draining and exhausting - both mentally and physically! I hope D continues to feel better!

  2. He's still adorable as ever.. I guess as time goes on, this sick thing will get a bit easier for you (The more you go through). But I can understand the worry...



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