Tuesday, January 06, 2009

newfound motivation

We flew back to California last night. Was a pretty uneventful affair, thankfully, though I continue to be amused at the fact that security makes you take off baby shoes, and feel slightly jipped (sp?) that airlines apparently no longer let families board the plane first. D seems to be a darn good traveler, always pretty happy on the plane and even slept for a good part of the flight, and was in a good mood even after being rudely awakened at 12:30am Texas time to deboard the plane and head on home. I've been realizing lately just how easy-going and happy of a kid D is, and how lucky we are for it.

I'm not sure if it's the start of the new year or feeling refreshed after such a long trip away, but I felt super motivated today and accomplished quite a bit. A lot of the unpacking is done (well, at least clothes are out of suitcases... a lot of my clothes are stacked in a semi-neat pile on the dresser), D and I went grocery shopping, and I even printed out a 14-day pass to try out 24hr Fitness-- I'm feeling motivated to start working out regularly, or at least try to find a gym. And tomorrow I'm planning to take D to try out a free class at Gymboree to see if we want to sign up.

Today I discovered that 2 of my photos have been on "explore" on flickr. Woot! But what's even better/funnier than that, as I was looking at one of the photos I saw the thumbnail for the one next to it in my photo stream and didn't recognize it at all... turns out it's this great picture of a yellow flower with a bee on it, and I don't know how I didn't remember it b/c looking at it now I think it's a pretty darn awesome picture (if I may say so myself). Which in turn got me looking at other past photos I've taken, and inspired to put up more prints for sale on my etsy shop (oh, I also found out that several new people "hearted" me on etsy since last month, which also feels pretty awesome).

Oh, and I can feel a new tooth- number 7!- on D's lower gum. I can't see it, but I can feel the sharp top of it poking through the gum. This kid must have a high pain threshhold or something, he's handled teething so well. And today he also got scratched by Sierra for the first time, and didn't even seem to notice (he actually seemed thrilled, maybe at the fact that Sierra was actually responding to him).

All in all it's been a pretty feel-good day (well, other than D getting scratched... I felt like a pretty terrible mom there for a little bit, but at least he didn't seem to mind). I like this feeling of wanting to get things accomplished. Hopefully it lasts. ; )

(PS- I just got a call from a guy from 24hr Fitness. Reminds me of the part of gyms that I don't like. I don't want a free training session. I haven't even stepped foot in the place and they're already hassling me? *sigh*)


  1. I loved the 24hr on Meridan Ave. But yes I hated the hassles you had to go through. Actually my contract was from Washington and was at $8 a month! You can't get that anymore though...

    As for the new found motivation, I think it's catchy as everyone including me seems to have it. I've already lost a few pds and have made all of my workouts this week. It's some insane amt actually.

    As for your photos, way to go!!!! Your two photos from Switzerland are absolutely incredible and so well deserving of explore....

    The flag one is so classic. I could see that in ads, post cards and websites... Really!

  2. Maybe Sierra was just upset with D because he smelled like Joey and Maddie.

  3. hi there-

    i discovered your blog a few months back and like to check in as my daughter is around your son's age...i am a montessorian as well...and i am also obsessed with taking and sharing photos of my little cutie! so about your photos - you take such beautiful shots and your photos are so nice and clear. i am shopping for a new camera and don't know anything about them. what i want is a big fancy digital (an slr?) where i have more control over my shots but am not overwhelmed. do you have any suggestions or would you recommend the camera that you use?

    thanks for sharing your sweet little boy and your sweet little life!

  4. Hi Erin,

    I have a Canon EOS 30D digital slr camera. The big debate is which brand to go with, Nikon and Canon are both great choices and people will argue to the death that one is better than the other, but really I think it comes down to which one has a system that feels better to you. We went with Canon partially b/c we have a few friends who also own Canon slr's and so we can swap lenses.

    Beyond that, it depends on your price range. The more you spend the better the camera, but really once you enter the world of slr pictures are amazing and I've seen even pros take absolutely amazing pictures with the bottom-line digital slrs. So you'll need to go into a camera shop and just try them out for yourself to see how they feel and if you like the controls, menu, etc (does it feel intuitive?), and decide based on that... and budget.

    (One small caveat is that the Nikon D40, their cheapest dslr, doesn't have an internal autofocus motor which means you have to buy specialized lenses that have an autofocus motor built into them- or use manual focus. Just something to be aware of when shopping and comparing. Canon's Rebel xt's don't have this issue).

    Hmm this comment's gotten long already, hope that helps and feel free to send me an email if you want to talk about this more: mightymarce at gmail dot com. =)

  5. thanks so much, that is very helpful!

    enjoy your day:)

  6. jessisprocrastinatinglots7:23 AM

    i did 24 hour in dallas, and it was a love hate relationship.

    i love your frequent and thoughtful comments. you are the best kind of blogger.

    i am procrastinating and need to do tae bo now before peeps come visit the apt. congrats on getting so much done!

    p.s. Donovan doesn't look skinny in his photos at all. he looks pleasantly plump sometimes even, or could just be the cheeks!cant believe he walks...



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