Friday, January 09, 2009

Dear T-mobile: you suck.

I'm feeling slightly miffed at T-mobile at the moment. Ok, so their service has been fine (well, except for the fact that my cell phone's coverage inside our house is sporadic at best-- I will literally have just hung up from a conversation and try to call a different number, and the call will fail from lack of reception). But whatevs... once you walk outside it's fine, and we're working on getting a home phone to fix that problem.

Ok, so when we bought our phones mine came with a $30 mail-in rebate. Not much, but hey that's $30! The guy at the store who set up our plans even gave us the rebate forms, explained it all, and sent us on our way. Cool.

Fast-forward a month or 2 later, and I get a letter in the mail that says me rebate was rejected. I try calling a couple times, only to be told to call back later b/c the lines are "over capacity." I tried again this morning and as I was listening more carefully realized why they rejected me-- turns out that to get a rebate, my particular phone plan has to cost $39.99 or more per month. Zach and I are on a family share plan, my number being the add-on meaning it's only $10/mo.

It woulda been nice for the guy at the counter to explain that teensy detail.

Oh, and we did get Zach's rebate, but for the first time ever instead of a rebate check they sent us one of those pre-paid cash cards, you know like a gift card but that can be used anywhere. Which is a whole other scam, since 10% of the balance on these types of cards never gets used (and eventually goes back to the issuer). I was dumb enough not to use the card all at once, and there's now about $1 left on it that will never be used, b/c you have to know the exact amount left to do so anywhere. I knw, I know, it's only a dollar, but that's OUR dollar!

So yeah, I'm not too happy with T-mobile right now.

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