Wednesday, January 07, 2009


D and I tried out a Gymboree Play&Learn class today, and we both kinda loved it. =) It was a great mix of guided vs free-play time and activities, and a great excuse to get out of the house and let D play in a fun, new, totally-different-from-home playscape (and without worrying about the weather). The best part today was when D discovered that, as he was barefoot, if he crawled up on his hands and feet he could get enough traction to climb up a small slide, and then he'd slide back down, feet-first and on his belly. He LOVED it. I think he also gets a kick out of seeing other babies. So we signed up for the unlimited membership, and I'm hoping we'll go about twice a week, if not more often. It's not the cheapest, but hey the more often we go the better of a deal it is, right? =P

As for myself, I'm rethinking the gym thing and wondering if I shouldn't instead commit to squeezing in a few push-ups and crunches while D is playing in the living room, and Zach likes going on a little family walk in the afternoons when he gets home from work. I'm falling into that classic mom mentality, that I'd rather spend that time and money on something fun for D (like swimming lessons? hmm).

D's getting into a playing-with-doors kick. He's liked swinging them back and forth for a while, but now he's getting to where he'll get a door (or the safety gate for his room) closed, and then get pissed off that he can't open it again. That happened several times today with the safety gate. Then later on we were playing in our room and he closed the bedroom door and crawled off to play with something else. Five minutes later I opened the door again, and right away he crawled over to it, closed the door, and then crawled off again. He did that about 3 times. I guess he wanted some privacy...

I need to put together an evite for D's first birthday party (oh, and I guess I should do some planning for it, too... don't worry it'll be a pretty low-key affair. Our parties always are. I'm too lazy for anything elaborate =P), but I'm hell-bent on actually getting to bed at a decent hour tonight so I think it'll wait till tomorrow.


  1. I think the gymboree thing is great because it helps promote motor skills. As for the gym, your ideas are great for "insteads". You know walking or running with D isn't a bad thing either, plus longer days are here already.

    And if you are disciplined enough, I say skip the gym and stay at home and do the push ups there!

    Good luck with all of your planning! I've got my own in the form of a tri-workout set up.

  2. gymboree is such a rad adventure for kids. i remember observing while my sister and mother were participating. it seemed like such fun!



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