Friday, January 23, 2009

They say misery loves company...

What a day.

Zach got sick overnight. Needless to say he stayed home from work today. Luckily, after downing enough Pepto-Bismol to constipate a horse, he managed to retain his fluids though still feeling pretty crappy.

Meanwhile, I wallowed in a state of exhaustion and mild nausea, spending most of the day lying on the floor watching D play. Even if he wasn't feeling great, it was nice having Zach around as a helping hand. We tag-teamed with the changing and cleaning-up of D's messy diapers, and he allowed me one nice afternoon nap. (As an aside, the gdiapers have been doing a pretty good job of containing the poop. We still end up having to wash both the liner and outer pant, but that's easier to deal with than having to change D's entire outfit, as I've had to do almost every time that he's worn Pampers instead.)

D's managed to eat a handful of cheerios, a slice of bread, and a 4oz container of yogurt today, which is more than Zach and I managed, combined. The biggest concern now is keeping him hydrated, which seems to be going well thanks to breastfeeding and Pedialyte. I'm amazed at how much he seems to like the stuff, he literally chugs it, which he has never done before with any other liquid-- even juice. Maybe his body just knows what it needs.

I must say, I'm amazed at D's energy levels. While he's been more clingy and whiny the past few days (with good reason), he's also had several spurts throughout the days of playing and being super cute, and has even already graduated from taking a single step unassisted, to a string of 3-4 steps. If he keeps up this pace he'll be pretty close to full-on walking by his birthday, in a mere week and a half.

And now, after watching an episode of The Daily Show and having a lovely dinner of, well, nothing, I think we'll be retiring to bed and hope to feel better tomorrow. It unfortunately seems that D's diarrhea can be expected to last another few days, but at least if Zach and I feel better it'll be easier to deal with.

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  1. Oh my! Everyone is sick from the west coast to the east! I'm going down through my blogs and EVERY ONE has sickness update in it from the week. We have the cold going on my no stomach bug - can you catch it from blog-land??

    Hope everyone feel better soon!



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