Monday, January 05, 2009

A walk in the woods (um, sort of)

Our trips to Austin always seem a bit hectic and filled to the brim with activities. This trip might've been a bit calmer in some ways, but it still feels like there's not nearly as much "down time" as I expect... mostly b/c there's so many people to want to spend time with. But, it's always a blast. =)

Saturday was my and Zach's 5th wedding anniversary. We debated what to do to celebrate, as a separate trip didn't really seem feasable (maybe next year...) and even a nice dinner out would mean a late night and missed sleep, something we're hard-pressed to give up these days. So we decided to go pretty low-key-- we picked up California Club sandwiches from Thundercloud, and headed over to Laguna Gloria for a little picnic. It was my first time out there, and with the gorgeous weather (we caught a couple sunbathing on their boat... yes, in January) and the pretty sights it turned out to be the perfect date.

(Is it me, or do we both look pretty tired?)

I'd thrown my camera in my purse "just in case," and am so glad I did. We walked and talked and I snapped a few shots every once in a while. I had the 50mm lens on, which made the camera lighter, and it was actually kinda fun being limited by the smaller frame. And goodness does it produce gorgeous pictures... that day reignited my love affair with this lens. =P

Next to Laguna Gloria there's another small park I had no known about. We walked in... and there were about 10 peacocks, all up in the trees (except for 2 females sitting on the ground nearby). I had no idea peacocks could fly, or that they liked sitting in trees. Learn something new every day, huh?

Yesterday Hank and Susan had a small party at their house for some of their friends to get to meet Donovan. Other than that we stayed around home, enjoying our last full day here with family and friends. Tonight we fly back to California (smack dab in the middle of the Texas game, btw, Zach is quite distraught over this). I'll certainly miss having all the grandparents to help out... though part of me is kinda looking forward to having D all to myself again. ;)

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