Saturday, January 10, 2009

the tantrums, they are a-comin'

Last Monday all 5 of D's grandparents accompanied us to the airport to say good-bye. Our flight was delayed a bit, so we sat at a little cafe outside of security to get some extra time together. My mom and step-dad were playing with D, and at one point he crawled over to his stroller and started crying. Eventually we figured out that he was looking up at the handlebars, and wanted to grab them. I think someone had done this with him at another point over the holidays-- held D up in the air where he could grab the stroller handle bars and push it around-- and he wanted to do so again. As soon as Mom lifted him up and he got his hands on the bars, he quieted down. The minute they were taken away from him, he'd start bawling again.

It happened again this afternoon. Zach, D, and I were at a little park and he decided he wanted to hold the stroller's bars and push it around again. He'd be happy if we held him up to the bars, and cry like there was no tomorrow when we didn't. It was truly a sight to see- especially since Zach and I couldn't stop laughing over the ridiculousness of it all. Here was D, clearly nothing wrong with him other than that he wasn't getting his way, but still twisting and writhing his body around with the waterworks in full force.

I'm suddenly noticing this type of scenario happening more often, where he'll cry not because anything is wrong but because he wants something, or wants something to happen, and things are not going according to his plan. I know this is just the beginning, and he's just warming up for full gale-force tantrums before long, and part of me is amused by his over-done theatrics (surely getting his pjs on isn't so terrible as to warrant throwing his head back while wailing like his toe's been cut off), and part of me is very, very worried about what's to come and how I'll manage to deal with it.


  1. i guess this is where you really put your psychology degree to work, mom! What's that again about pavlov's dog? oh my, best of luck! I'll be there to support as best i can, of course :)

  2. Might be time to starting reading up on discipline methods. He's figuring out how to get adults to give him what he wants, not just what he needs...

    I've already started reading the discipline books to decide what method we should consistently follow when Global Baby gets old enough to need it. Don't want to end up like one of those families on Nanny 911!

  3. jessica2:29 PM

    how interesting!! i hope you blog about what tactics work and don't work for you!



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