Thursday, January 29, 2009

wait and see

I called Kaiser again yesterday as I realized that it was Day 7 of The Diarrhea, and it seemed advisable. The advice nurse I talked to was once again very nice and helpful, made me an appointment to see our pediatrician this morning. Since he's not showing any (other) worrisome signs, she figures it'll just be another 1-2 days before he's done with this... so we'll see. Good news is he actually hasn't lost any weight even tho he's barely eaten the past week, so he must've been gaining pretty well before then (he was 19lb 9oz today btw).

My dad flew in today, he's up in the city with my sister right now. We've had plans for Zach, D, and I to spend the weekend with them in SF. I had assumed all this mess would be long gone by then, but now we're not so sure and I don't really want to have to deal with diarrhea and blowouts while away from home. So we're playing it by ear, seeing how tomorrow goes and then decide whether to go Saturday, or maybe wait till Sunday. Disappointing, but what are you gonna do.

In other news, only 5 days till D's birthday. Can't believe it. I'm so excited it's nuts. =P


  1. Those brown eyes are to-die-for!

    I hope the little guy starts feeling better very very soon. :( Esspecially with that birthday coming up.

  2. Hope he gets better soon - porr little guy (and mom)! It cracks me up how you capitalize "The Diarrhea"...and I can't believe that he's a year old already (well, close enough)!

    Great picture of him BTW - I'm trying to capture the same of Gianna and get close but there's always one little piece of her that's fuzzy. Did you use manual settings or point and shoot?

  3. Amy- I tend to shoot in the Aperture-Priority mode in my camera. I think for that picture I had the aperture set to about f/2.5 or f/3.



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