Thursday, January 08, 2009

new discoveries, all-around

D's walker arrived yesterday in the mail (I ordered the 3-day shipping thru amazon but it came next-day!), and I was super excited to show it to him this morning. He took to it right away and has been having a blast walking back and forth across the living room. Although I may need to be careful, I did spot him trying to stand ON the walker base to try to reach something above him... He's getting sneaky! (BTW if anyone's interested this walker is made by Plan Toys and sold on, and it does have a knob on the back that you can use to slow down how fast the wheels can turn)

I went to Whole Foods today in search of a particular brand of baby food, didn't find it but found lots of other goodies instead, mainly frozen baby finger foods that I'll be trying out over the next few days to see how much I (and more importantly, D) like them. But one thing I'm really excited about is Healthy Times Teddy Puffs. D loves Cheerios and those Gerber Graduates Puffs, and cheerios are ok but the Gerber puffs are practically worthless as far as nutritional value goes-- they hardly even have any calories at all. I hate to think of him filling himself up on little more than puffed air (I know him being skinny isn't a big deal, but I still try to make each bite count). The Teddy Puffs seem to actually have some substance to them (like fiber! and vitamins!), and they were a hit when I offered some at dinner tonight. They are a little on the big side, D was crunching them up with his front teeth but any kid without many teeth yet I wouldn't feel as comfortable giving them to. But, for older babies and toddler they seem pretty awesome.

By the way I found out tonight that Heather B Armstrong (you know, that kooky gal that writes that blog) will be in Mountain View in April as part of her new book tour (she'll also be at the Bookpeople in Austin, TX a week later, for those of you in that area). I normally make a point not to say where I will be ahead of going there to avoid that whole potential-stalker deal, but, um, I'm kinda super excited about this and have already marked it on my Google calendar.


  1. What a cute walker! D looks adorable pushing it around.

  2. hm i never thought about that. i don't know if I like you announcing where you will be, either!

  3. We have the same walker and Ellie LOVES it. We got it for her first birthday and at 16 months, she is still lovin' it. The blocks can be a bit hard to keep track of, though. I can't find one at the moment and it's really bringing out the OCD in me!

    (I know, you wrote this post a really long time ago but I am just catching up on my reading!)



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