Monday, January 26, 2009

On the up and up (hopefully)

Calm day here on the home front. I think D's getting over his tummy bug, getting closer to being back to "normal" hopefully any day now. He kept going back and forth from being his usual happy, super-adorable self, and being kind of, um, super whiny. We practiced walking a little more today-- he's able to take about 3-5 steps, and they improve every day it seems as today they looked more steady than yesterday. Truly amazing.

You know what else is pretty amazing? Our little man turns a year old a week from tomorrow. I think I need to go shopping this week to find him a birthday outfit, or at least a fun birthday bib (and maybe a hat?). We shall see...

We took a walk in the afternoon, down to the park to watch the kids play and then back home. Seems a good way to zone the kid out and "force" him to rest up. We're still managing to squeeze him into that bundle-me sack, but at some point here we'll have to break down and buy him a bigger one. I also need to start thinking about getting him some walking shoes... I love the Robeez, but I'm guessing he'll need something with a little more protection soon (though they're still supposed to be kinda soft-soled, right? Can I get him some baby Chuck Taylors already?).

My dad's flying into town this week, he'll arrive to San Francisco on Thursday, I think, and hang out with Jenny up there through the weekend, then come down here in time for D's birthday. Very exciting. =) There's talk of the zoo and aquarium. I wonder if D will get as much enjoyment out of them as I tend to. ; )


  1. Chucks would be adorable but imagine lacing them up while he is not cooperating! ugh look at these ecco ones with velcro ;) might be better for your sanity.

    Btw love the new look of your page!

  2. Glad the little guy is feeling better- can't believe its already been a year!!

  3. A year already?! Time really flies. Glad to hear he's on the mend.

  4. cute photo, i think i caught the wonderful bug also... not so fun~!



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