Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who wouldn't wanna watch a baby eat mush?

I have a crapload of video clips that I need to upload to youtube, but for now here's one that I took today and got up on flickr, of D having some cereal and apples.

Today was a MUCH nicer day out, and I packed D up and we headed on up into town. We had a nice enough day of it, he now has a little sunshade umbrella for his strollers and I also found some organic jarred food for him at a couple small "bio" stores in town. I'm once again running into the whole cultural different-standards deal with baby food, as it feels like in the US we're so protective of making sure to isolate all foods while introducing them, and here you start with 3-grain cereal (instead of plain rice) and every since jar of baby food I could find (all labeled for 4 months and up) was mixed with something-- either fruit/veggie mixes, or premixed with rice or potatoes. I also have a sample of baby cereal that I got in the mail and the instructions say to mix it with milk, as in regular cow's milk, and it specifically says that it's cereal for babies 4 months old and up. In the states you'd be considered a neglectful parent if you gave cow's milk anytime before the first birthday.

We made a quick stop at Starbucks between shopping destinations, as it was on the way, I needed a place to feed D, and I knew their bathrooms were A) big enough to bring the stroller in with me and b) had changing tables. I had just bought a water someplace else, so while I was tempted by their new pomegranite peach frappuccino, the 7chf+ price for a small felt like a bit much so instead I just got a blueberry muffin... which was frozen in the middle. Oh well. Looking forward to Starbucks runs back in CA, where I don't have to feel so guilty if I want to buy myself a fun drink for the day.

Unfortunately D was having a hard time napping in his stroller for some reason, and so he was awake from 8:30am till just after noon. Uh, not really his usual thing. He was surprisingly calm, but then as we were heading back on the bus he started getting upset and once we got home he threw a HISSY FIT it was kinda nuts. So I gave him an early feeding and then he napped some more and was ok after that. But, um, goodness. NOT looking forward to the tantrum years...

Two and a half days till Zach gets home. Yay! It sure is rough doing this all on your own. Oh, and tickets for our flight to the US are booked... eek! We opted for not sitting bulkhead this time, and instead got D his own seat. This way all four of us (including Sierra) can sit together, and hopefully having D in his carseat in his own seat will work out ok. The poor kid's gonna be in for one wild ride-- the week before we move my mom and step-dad are coming out and we're going on vacation with them to the mountains for a week, then will come back to our empty house for 4 days before shipping out to California to stay in a furnished rental for a month before moving to our more permanent-ish apartment/house/whatever. Could be a rough couple months....


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Yes, he definitely likes the apples better than the potatoes... You didn't once have to trick him into laughing so he'd open his mouth!


  2. Adorable video. I love his expressions. Also he is really starting to look like Zach.

  3. very cute! he really moves it aorund in his mouth. Eliza just gulps hers down.



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