Saturday, August 16, 2008


Somehow I don't remember noticing this as much last summer, maybe when people flew in or out they did so more during the week, but the past 3 times I've had to go to the airport it's been on a weekend and it's been PACKED.

Zach arrived safe and sound. His luggage even arrived on the same flight as he did. IMAGINE THAT. Of course upon seeing us Zach immediately bent down and started saying hi to Donovan, commenting on how big he's gotten and tickling him, and after a minute or 2 of this looks up at me and says, "Um, hi honey, nice to see you, too!" I see where priorities lie. ; ) After an initial period of apparently not being sure of the situation, I think D was quite happy to see his daddy again, and I immediately felt better and more relaxed with him around, getting to talk with him and joke, etc. We knew his work travel would have to be cut way down, that's part of this new position he's been hired for and why we're moving early, but it's been reconfirmed again with this trip. I just don't seem to do well when it's just me and D. I adore the kid like nothing else, but 24/7 with no break for days on end? It seems to do a number on me. At least once we're back in the states if Zach does need to go on a longer trip for some reason it'll be easier to pack me and the kiddo up to go visit family (or recruit someone to come out to us).

welcome home, dad
(you can see that Sierra was also quite happy to have daddy be back home...)

The red dots on D's torso had faded some today. I gave him solids, but it was just cereal. I guess we'll keep doing that for the next few days and then maybe try adding something new. Any advice on whether I should try apples again to check, or avoid them and try something completely new?


  1. If it were my child, I would try everything I've tried before (in reverse order) to check for a reaction. But leave enough time in between foods (3-4 days) to make certain if there is a reaction you know which item caused it!

    My mom, who also was a child care provider, always said that it didn't matter how long the business trip lasts. Once a child is bonded, they always know their mommy or daddy. Even if they are a little shy at first...

  2. Okay, we are going through the same thing with Finn right now, trying to rule out a reaction. Here is what we are doing. We are going back to the 'safe foods' that we know are no problem - sweet potato, parsnips, porride, pear and avocado. Nothing but those for a week, which gives his system the chance to get rid of whatever is bothering him (which I think is mango)

    Then, in a week, we will add in 1 of the 3 possible suspects. We will wait 4 days and see if it gives him a reaction. If not, we will stick with the 'safe' foods, and try the 2nd thing.

    Good luck, it is really difficult!

    Oh, and glad you are not alone anymore :)

  3. Why do you think I'm happy to have Ryan in day care and now in school? I'm not really good about playing with kids and poor Ryan goes insane every Saturday, when it is just the two of us. I need time for me, and unfortunately since I don't get enough on a regular basis, I'm dying to have some on our only free day which is the same time that she's home with me and bored to tears. For the same reason, I stayed close to home when I chose law school. Friends are great but there is nothing like family when you need to dump the kid and take a break, without feeling guilty. At least when it is grandma or grandpa, the kid doesn't feel abandoned. Everyone wins.

    I can't wait until she can read fluidly, so maybe our together time can include at least an hour of uninterrupted reading.

    On the foods - these ladies have great ideas. Ryan loved bananas and we were lucky that she didn't have many food issues or apparent allergies. I can't add much to that portion of the conversation :(



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