Friday, August 01, 2008

Swiss Fetes, and a question

Today is the Swiss national holiday, so Zach got a day off from work. Unfortunately it rained most of the day (how appropriate) so we didn't get to do much. We did walk up the road to have dinner at the village's fete, and got to eat yummy minestrone soup out of commemorative ceramic bowls. I'm excited that we now have a little bowl with our village's name on it. =)

Donovan's been doing this weird thing that I'm not sure whether I need to be worried about or not... It started several days ago, where he'll be nursing and then he does this sigh/deep breath thing that kinda reminds me of when you've been exercising and are just getting your breath back. When he breathes in it will be long and deep and almost sounds kinda raspy (not *quite* wheezy), and then the outbreath will be kinda forceful, and often he makes noise along with it like a humming or grunt. I don't know if he's just playing around, experimenting with the kinds of noises he can make (he seems to do that a lot) or if there's something else going on. He does it mainly when he's eating (and kinda once he's nursed off one boob but is still suckling), but then today he did it a couple times after he'd finished eating and I was just holding him.

We have his 6 months check-up on Thursday, I'll bring it up then, but if any of you moms out there have insight into this (is it just a normal thing babies do sometimes? could this be a sign of something like asthma? do babies get asthma this early?) I'd appreciate it. Thanks. =)

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  1. In my Nanny Days, I took care of many children of all ages. Several of the children I took care of would do this while feeding (bottle-feeding in my case, of course). I always thought it was because they were eating so fast, they got a little out of breath.



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