Saturday, August 09, 2008

Neither Here nor There (yet both at the same time)

I'm starting to feel a bit more sad about leaving here. It's sinking in, I guess, that we only have just a little over a month left, and I'm realizing all the things I will miss. Like the chocolate, and our house, and this village, and swiss chocolate, and walking outside and seeing fields and grapevines as far as the eye can see, and did I mention the chocolate? As infuriating and intimidating as it can be at times to be surrounded by a language you don't quite understand, I'm going to miss hearing French and using it on a regular basis. I know myself, and I know I won't keep it up on my own after we move back (especially since, if I'm going to spend time on another language, I'll be focusing on Spanish instead of French or anything else). I'll miss being able to ride the trams into town and not worry about driving most of the time. I'll miss the feeling that we live in this safe little community, going next door for dinner or just drinks out on the terrace when it's sunny, and people-watching while passing all the outdoor tables at cafes that line the streets all over Geneva. I will miss the friends we have made here, our neighbors, even the acquaintances we have made like people in the village we say hello to but never talk to for more than 5 minutes at a time, or the staff at the restaurant. I will miss having a little enclosed patio that Sierra can frolick in, and seeing people on horseback ride along the street in front of our home on a daily basis (the horse poop, though, not so much).

At the same time, there's the part of me that can't wait till we're back in California. Zach is there right now, and hearing his stories of spending time with our friends, and seeing pictures posted online, makes me so so excited to be back there with all of them. I'm looking forward to the perfect California weather, meeting up with friends for farmer's markets on the weekends. Buying the gigantor-size bag of kettle corn, and letting Donovan have a kernel or 2 (you know, when he's got some teeth to chew it with). Flying home to Texas to see the family again, and having them visit us as well. Picking Jenny up at the caltrain station so we can have sunday dinner together, or going up to the city to take D to the zoo all. I want to join or set up a weekly playgroup for the kiddoes (and possibly also a monthly ladies night out, copying from the baby talk group's model?). Going to the beach, hiking, and eventually camping, as a family.

I realize our situation is somewhat ridiculous. "We're gonna take you from a beautiful, culturally interesting location that allows you to commune with nature on a regular basis, and make you go to a different beautiful, culturally interesting location that allows you to commune with nature on a regular basis." I have little to complain about, and much to look forward to. The blessing of getting to live in multiple great places is that you're living in great places. The downside is there will always be a place and things about it that you'll miss.

In the next month we have a trip to Saas Fee planned with my mom and step-dad, as well as one last weekend getaway to Lyon. I'm hoping this fabulous (i.e. rain-free) weather continues so D and I can take advantage of many village walks and forays into town. We'll try to enjoy the remainder of our time here, so as to not have regrets about going back and instead being able to focus on all the wonderful and fun things that await us back in the US.


  1. i know what you mean about the downside. i feel so lucky to get to see all these cool places, but its also hard knowing that wherever in the world i end up there will be places and people and things that i will miss being there.

    and wow, i cant believe its so soon! any chance you guys will have time to come over for a brunch from our bakery before you go back?

  2. Jackie5:21 PM

    You will always miss Geneva. I lived there for five years in the 1980s and I still miss it. I took a lot of it for granted while I was there and it was only after I left that I realized what a great place it is to live. And the chocolate. . . You will never find another place with so much delicious chocolate. I wish I had lived in a little village like the one you are living in. I lived in Meyrin and in the center of Geneva and that suited me as I was single but if I was married with children back then I would have loved to live in a village like the one you describe so well. I know you don't want to give the name of the village as you can never be too careful these days but I would love it if you could e-mail the name to me after you leave so that I can check it out. One of these days I hope to go back to CH for a visit and I would love to stay somewhere like that.



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