Monday, August 18, 2008

Thanks, y'all =P

Yay, thanks for all the encouraging comments. =) Last night after writing that post I opened up the Cosmo mag that Zach brought me from the US and happened to open it to a story on "fearless females" and as I read all their stories of how they "went for it" it felt like a bit of a sign. ; ) Part of the reason why I wanted to blog about this idea is that by putting it out there, I'm making it more official. I don't want this to be something that just slips away because of inaction or laziness. Whether it happens or not, I want it to be due to a conscious decision, and letting others in on the plan makes it a bit more concrete. Having others encourage me in it makes it even more so.

Unfortunately I seem to have spent every available bit of time the past few days thinking or looking into this potential business idea, and thus have had very little time for anything else-- ironically I have a whole bunch of pictures from over the weekend that I haven't even looked at because of it. I feel like I have a good bit of info for now, and the next big steps to make (like ordering test prints from some different sources to check quality and figure out what I want to use) can't be made until we're back in the US, so will put that on the back burner for now. Till then I can work on improving my post-processing skills, and taking more pictures. I've gotta capitalize on this adorable European village location while I still can, before moving to Enginerdville. I'm sure there will be lots of photo inspiration ideas there, too, but you know, the windows are just not as cute. ; )

I also still need time to think of a business name. I know the "in thing" in photography is to use your first and last name as your business name, but that doesn't appeal to me for some reason. So I'm trying to think of something else, something fun, and kinda cute and quirky maybe? I have no idea, really. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. Once I do settle on a name, though, I think I'm gonna have to ask this genius woman to make me a logo. I am currently in love with most of her designs.

In D-man updates, I did get around to uploading a whole bunch of new videos to youtube so go check them out. There's even one of him SCOOTING along the wooden floor in his room today. I know, seriously. The video's so cute, too, you can tell by his giggles how proud of himself he is for having figured this out. We'll see if he still remembers how to do it tomorrow. =P


  1. My hubs and I were just talking about names for his photography web site- he doesn't like the first/last name thing either. As I was reading your blog I was like WOW- our lives were parallel. oh and about the baby signs- I was reading today to sign about things they like. Tickle them and then sign more- not just with food. I have been putting a diaper on a stuffed animal and trying to teach E diaper change. She is still stuck on signing baby.

  2. OH MY GOSH DONOVAN IS CRAWLING!!!???!?!?!?! I can't believe it, he's a total BABY now! WOW!!!!!!

    I'm sorry I'm not making much sense, but that is one of the Quintessential milestones in Babyom and I am SUPER impressed! I can't believe this is happening already! He's talking and crawling and eating all at the same time?! You guys need to come to California NOW before I miss anymore of it!?!?
    phew! ok, i'm a bit more calm now...take your time, I know moving is rough...



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