Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A is for Apple

Today was a rainy, dreary day. It would have been a great day for us to get out of the house just for a change of scenery, but the gushing raindrops coming down left me with absolutely no desire to even make the walk out to our car to drive anywhere. Hopefully tomorrow is different.

D had some apples today! He seemed to like them. With the cereal and potatoes that he's had before he'll "chew" and swallow and seem ok with it once it's actually in his mouth, but getting any food in there was a challenge as he didn't seem that interested in opening his mouth at all. But with the apples he opened wide, and it was adorable watching him gum the food and mull it over in his mouth. So fun. =)

I've set a goal for myself to make all or most of D's baby food, but I'm finding it a bit of a challenge. Baby food "recipes" are easy enough-- peel, steam, mush. But my only mushing tool right now is a fork, which only gets you so far. When we get to the US I'll get ourselves a food processor but until then I may have to go with jarred stuff... that or stick to super easily mush-able foods. The apples he had today came from single-serving packs that don't have any sugar or anything else added. Those were a nice find.

Zach comes home is 3.5 days. Wheeeee! Can't wait.


  1. Yeah, he didn't seem that excited about the potatoes. He tolerated them, but he didn't think they were the greatest...

    Glad to know he likes the apples!

  2. I had to make all of DD's food for a long time do to allergy issues that she has since outgrown (yay!!) We never used the electric [rocessor way too much trouble. For a big make-and-freeze- batch I used my Mom's mouli and for little batches I used the US version of this:

    It goes in the dishwasher!

    New foods were pretty fun, especially the expresions they make when trying a food for the first time...

  3. Crap, that food mill sounds great but Amazon UK won't ship to me. =( I could order it from the US, but by the time it got here (or sent it with my mom) it'd almost be time to move anyway... Boo.



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