Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Warning: There's talk of poop in this post. But also of super-cool pj's. Read at your own risk.

I emailed our list of goods to sell to a couple groups the other day, and have already received lots of responses with takers for this or that. We even have a couple people interested in Zach's scooter. Yay!! =)

What's not so "yay": the pimples/rash/whateveritis are still present on D's tummy, and so I think I will stop giving him cereal for a few days. Also, he has not pooped since FRIDAY. In the week and 1/2 since we started solids, he's only pooped twice, and that was I think Thursday and Friday, and we've had nothing since. Not normal for him. So we'll go back to just the boob juice, and some water, and hope that things get, um, moving soon.

Speaking of movement (um, sorry) D's getting better at this whole scooting thing. Especially on the wood floors, he's quite good. I set him up in his room with a few toys scattered around him and had a blast just watching him go from one to the next, flopping his little body around this way and that. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago he could barely hold his own head up. It's amazing how much more he can do these days. And to think he'll probably be crawling in no time... as Jenny would say, HOLY HANNAH.

IMG_7762 IMG_7835
truck IMG_7825

BTW I also have to share the COOLEST PYJAMAS EVER that Cristina and I found at H&M when she was here. D got to wear them for the first time the other night. It's funny, I'm not even that big a Superman fan, but I just find these adorable.

SuperBaby!! SuperBaby!!

They even have red material on the back. You know, to look like a cape. As a side note, these are size 6-9 months and when I looked at them I thought, "These are HUGE there's no way they'll fit D already." And then I put them on, and sure enough they fit almost perfect. Is he seriously this big already?? (be prepared to hear me ask that question repeatedly over the next 18 years forever).

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  1. great pics! Those pajamas are awesome. I had a pair of superman ones when I was little and I loved them.

  2. prune does magic with audrey - solve the poop issue all the time and she like the taste of it.
    You gonna have more "fun" once D is mobile - Audrey took her first step at 11 months - then few step here and there and suddenly she took off - now she run wobbly to give us a hug:)



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