Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Items for Sale (revised and updated)

I'm trying to get a jump-start on our moving to-do lists, and one thing we can start doing pretty soon is getting rid of some of the multitudes of electronic stuff that we can't use back in the US. In most cases we still have the original users manuals and product info. To make things simple I think we're just gonna out an even price of 5chf for each item (unless noted), or best offer.

If you want any of these or know someone who'll be moving to Geneva sometime between now and September 19 (moving date) and might be interested, send me an email at mightymarce at gmail.com.

Items in pink are spoken for already

  • Wooden rocking chair(free) (photo)
  • 2001 Honda Civic (email for price and info photo)
  • Honda scooter (photo)

Interest has been expressed in some lamps but no specifics so I'll let people pick out what they want when they come get their other things.

(I'm trying to figure out some sort of system that makes it clear to both you and me what's available and what people have dibs on. So far I've decided on color-coding. Let me know if this system seems horribly confusing. Thanks!)

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  1. We have a Weber Gas Grill that we bought in the States (to bring over with us to Geneva) and has never been used. Funny enough, we thought that we could convert the gas nozzle (or whatever you call it) to use it here in Switzerland. Not so. If you are interested in purchasing it, let me know. It would be easy for you to move it back to the States and you would have a new gas grill! Can send pictures if you are interested, just email me at alicantina709@hotmail.com
    thanks! Christine



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