Thursday, August 14, 2008

Secret Interspecies Meeting, interrupted

secret meeting

Sierra: Pssst! Dude, you have got to help me out here...

Donovan: What's up, cat? Hey, what are you doing in my car seat?

Sierra: Well, see that's part of it! How do you get these people to pay attention to you all the friggin time??? I'm pulling out all the stops here-- acting super cute, making those meowing noises Mom thinks are so adorable, leaving my fur everywhere so they'll remember about me... Is it really so much to ask to get fed every once in a while?? Instead they just hover over YOU all the time. I mean, when you get in this seat thingie or that other chair with the wheels, they take you places! But if I sit in them I might get a smile and maybe Mom takes a picture but that's it. I hardly ever get any head scratches anymore. What am I doing wrong?!?

Donovan: Hmmm yeah I can see how that might be annoying... It probably helps that I'm super adorable. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of like the Zoolander of babies...

secret meeting

Donovan: Another thing, I kinda rely on Mom to do everything for me. Maybe that's part of your problem-- you're too self-sufficient. Maybe if you threw up on their bed more often? I also cry a lot until I get picked up. That one works every time. You could try that, too.

Sierra: Hmmm... interesting ideas...

Donovan: Tell you what. I feel bad, I wanna help you out. How about with the food thing? I'm starting to get more food now, so here's what I'll do-- when Mom feeds me I'll get that apple stuff all over my hands, and then I'll hang them over the edge of my chair and that's when you come in and lick it off. Ok? That apple stuff is pretty tasty.

Sierra: Could try to get Mom to feed you tuna? Or maybe some chicken? I really prefer tuna or chicken. Apples have never really been my thing.

secret meeting

Donovan: WHOA HEY MOM! Um, how long have you been there? Sierra and I were just, uh, we were just ... talking. About... nothing. Nothing at all. No I did not tell her to throw up on your bed! Um uh um IT'S ALL HER FAULT, SIERRA DID IT!

Sierra: WHAT? Friggin tattle-tale. That's it, kid. You're so never getting this seat thingie back.

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  1. Captioning was great. i actually believed that's really what they were saying. ^_^



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