Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The World According to Mom

I love this post, and this idea to get mothers all over the world to join in on this simple exercise. The goal is to represent 80 countries. As of right now I believe there are about 60 mothers from 30 different countries, and each of the blog posts are bookmarked here. I have not been tagged by anyone, I'm just jumping in because I thought this would be a fun little exercise, especially in balance with yesterday's post. I won't tag anyone specific, either, other than to encourage other mamas (especially international ones in places not already represented) to join in on the fun as well. =)

So, without further adieu, here is my list of Five Things I Love About Being a Mom:

1. Walking into his room after he's woken up, and seeing his face brighten up as soon as he seems me. Then feeling the need to scoop him up and shower him with kisses until he collapses into a fit of giggles.

2. The snuggles. Donovan is such a cuddlebug. He's constantly coming up to me for hugs, pressing his face up against mine and holding my chin with his hands. When nursing he constantly explores my face with one hand, touching my chin, cheeks, lips, sometimes even trying to stick his fingers up my nose.

3. The unbelievable joy of watching him learn something new. Always so exciting, and always makes me feel so proud.

4. Looking into those big, soulful brown eyes and honestly believing that my kid is the absolute cutest in all the land.

5. The community of motherhood, how this shared experience of being parents (the good, the bad, the ugly) bonds us together and allows us to provide each other support and comfort even if we have only known each other a short while (either because we really have only just met, or because it is only recently that we have become mothers and thus come to know each other on this whole different playing field). I am in such awe of the kindness and warmth I have recieved from other mothers, and try to extend the same out to others when I can.

Of course, as I starte thinking of these so many more come cascading out in my thoughts, but for now I'll just leave it to these five. I like this exercise, though. I may try to make this a semi-regular thing, to reflect on these wonderful, lovely, amazing parts of motherhood when the not so lovely parts start getting me down.


  1. Thanks for joining us!

  2. I'm in, though I won't be the first from Hong Kong. darn! Guess I've got a post to write tonight ...



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