Monday, April 13, 2009

life as usual

We had a fun Easter Sunday yesterday, but I think I'll save that post till I have pictures to share with it today... which I meant to have up by now... but didn't get around to it yet. On to today... Donovan and I went to Gymboree today, where he got to show off his bloody nose. Right, don't have pictures of that up yet, either (photo above is from a week or 2 ago), but Saturday while he and Zach went to the park D fell and scraped the heck out of his nose, and now it's healing but his left nostril and a little bit of the skin right under his nose is scabbed over a bit (which unfortunately makes him look like he's got a bloody nose). Poor kid. I guess I better get used to this sort of thing. But, Gymboree was fun, then after his nap we walked to the nearby downtown where I sold some old books to the used bookstore and then we went to the playground down the street where he stole a bunch of other kid's sand toys (what's the ettiquette on that, anyway? Using other kid's toys at the playground?). The walk there and back was nice, about 2 miles total and I'm out of shape enough to feel it. But, maybe I'll get us doing that more often.

We were greeted home by a package from and another from my mom containing Easter goodies for D. We hung out outside for 20 minutes or so, till Zach got home. It's so fun to see how incredibly excited D gets when his Daddy comes home. =)

Then, our usual evening routine followed-- a bit of playtime, feeding D his dinner while Zach and I take bets on whether he'll actually eat much tonight, bathtime, bedtime while Zach and I take bets on whether he'll laugh or cry as we try to get his pjs on tonight. Dinner for us, a bit of conversation which usually includes some gushing on both of our parts about how we managed to get such a cute kid, some clean-up, and now I'm trying to finish up at the computer noticing that somehow 30-minute segments disappear in time when I swear it's only been 5 minutes, and Zach's across the table reading The Economist while Sierra sits on his lap trying to soak up whatever amount of human contact she can get.

I've got a mug of tea sitting next to me, and I think I will retire off with it and one of my magazines. And maybe my husband (and Sierra), too. Good night. =)


  1. Well I still think you are very lucky. The toy thing, it was okay to borrow as long as nobody else is erupting in tears?

    I remember when my little buddy max took a bad tumble in Montreux and it looked like a horrible battle wound. He was mostly all smiles but I felt so badly every time I saw his face...

    That's funny you guys are trying to predict things. And I'm sure it is so wonderful to see the excitment from little D... :)

    Can you please just send the warm weather up here!

  2. There's a difference between "borrowing" and "taking." Other kid leaves toy and D uses it for a while then puts it back? In my non-expert, non-Mom opinion I'd say that's fine. D grabs toy from other kid, hits kid on the head with toy, then laughs at him and taking his lunch money? Not nice.

    You should find some Mother's Morning Out programs where you can drop him off and leave him, so you get to see him be excited about YOU coming home/to pick him up.



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