Monday, April 06, 2009

First Easter Egg Hunt! or... not

A week or 2 ago Julia mentioned this big Easter Egg hunt that was to happen last weekend. Super excited, I marked the date on our calendar. Unfortunately timing and other forces (like google maps not giving me directions) interfered, and we got to the place too late for the 2&under egg hunt, which was probably just as well as it kinda looked like utter chaos. There was plenty else to do (pony rides, bouncy house, petting zoo, etc) so we stuck around for a bit and eventually met up with Cyrus, Julia, and Sophia over at the petting zoo area. It was fun, although the place got kinda packed so after a bit we decided to walk to get lunch instead, which turned out to be quite lovely. It was a very nice Saturday morning, even if with all the walking and the sun we were all about ready for a nice long nap by the time we got home.

Did I mention there were lots of people?
Bunny Fun Hunt-11
Or how incredibly super adorable Donovan looked in his overalls? =P
Bunny Fun Hunt-15
Bunny Fun Hunt-22
His favorite part of the day, I think. And that tongue thing-- he's started doing that lately?
Bunny Fun Hunt-28
Bunny Fun Hunt-29
The line for the petting zoo was super long, so we just watched from the outside.
Bunny Fun Hunt-7
Bunny Fun Hunt-6
Bunny Fun Hunt-44
Part of me felt pretty sorry for the animals, and can;t imagine how traumatized they must feel after an entire day of getting poked, prodded, and trampled on by hordes of toddlers. The guy below was more just amusing, though-- the rabbit was getting feisty, and the man picked him up and scolded him exactly how you'd hear a parent scold a 2 yr old.
Bunny Fun Hunt-38
Cyrus and Sophia did go in the petting zoo, though I don't think Sophie was too into it...
Bunny Fun Hunt-43
Bunny Fun Hunt-42
Bunny Fun Hunt-47


  1. I think the overalls look so cute on the big D and what a perfect theme to have photos taken in too.. Lovely pics!

  2. What a fun day for him! That rooster is just too funny with his fluffy feathers! I always feel so bad for the animals too when they are displayed for our amusement. Although, it is neat that some children who may not normally get to see animals up close, are able to interact with them. Also.. very cute overalls! :)

  3. Anonymous7:51 AM

    looks like a lot fun - too bad we missed it, after swimming and all she was just too tired


  4. At this age, I think a nice, calm egg hunt in your back yard would be a much fonder memory than some group thing. Somehow the competitiveness tends to take the fun out of it in large groups (even though if they were all the same age, that would be better than some other events I've seen).

    You need to get one of those slides with the truck. Because the look on his face is TOO MUCH.

  5. So much fun! I was thinking about bringing G to one of these - to observe the chaos more than anything. I don't think there are any around here quite as fun as this though! Love the pictures (you're getting better and better at the photography with every post!)



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