Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our own little Mister Fantastic

The rose bushes out front are starting to bloom. I see lots of buds forming, but this is the first rose to bloom yet. There's also a big bush of yellow roses in our neighbor's yard that peeks over our fence, and I think I may have to "borrow" one or two of the multiple blooms (especially since they're away for the week). It makes me so happy to have rose bushes in our yard, and even more so that they're taken care of by somebody else. Although lately I've been feeling inspired to learn more about gardening. I've always had a pretty black thumb (or whatever color equivalent would be furthest away from green) but I love having flowers around and live plants seem like a better way to do it than cut. Also, I think I've got a budding little gardener on my hands, already so interested in dirt and using his little watering can. We've got some clear patches of dirt along our patio and I think over the next week or two I might try to find some plants for it. We'll see how long I manage to keep them alive...

I added a couple of prints for sale on my etsy shop today. I still have various ideas for more cards to make, including birthday cards and using some of my pictures from Europe, but it's hard to find the time among all the other things I'm always trying to do. It doesn't help that I then want to also start new hobbies (gardening) or that every few months we have to re-arrange the house and our stuff b/c Donovan suddenly seems that much taller, and OHMYGOD he can reach a good 6 inches from the edges of the tables now (he's getting really good about getting all the way up on his tippy toes and reeeeeeaaaaccchhhing), meaning our entry table and dresser in the living room are rapidly losing their function as Places To Keep Things Away From Baby, meaning I need to find ways to re-organize the storage space underneath (and baby-proof it better). Interesting how there's seemingly infinite levels of baby-proofing to be done.


  1. but it's so cute to watch him try to get something, especially if you hide and do it while he can't see you...

    I love the videos of him doing stuff like that...

  2. Tell him to STAY AWAY FROM COFFEE MUGS!!!

    We bought two rosebushes this weekend (a friend at work was selling them as a fundraiser for a boxer rescue group... it's for the puppies!) I'm no green thumb either (I think orange is the opposite of green, on the color wheel), but maybe between Freddy and I we can get something going. He spent all Monday tilling the soil, yanking weeds, and planting the rose bushes. Gus helped, by keeping the back yard safe while all this work was going on.

    I'm also hoping having our own flowers will make the cats use our flower beds as their litter box, instead of the neighbor's.

  3. When I was little I learned how to ride a bike on the grass in my yard on a bike with no brakes. Halfway to the back of the yard was a patch of rosebushes. We also had a gaint Mulberry tree. I usually ended up crashing into the rosebushes to avoid the mulberry tree...good times and I will always have a soft spot for rose bushes!

    I find myself changing the house around because I am bored with looking at the same things all day long for months on end. I also feel like E plays with things more if I change thEIr location. I have no idea why this happens but it does. Thanks for thre clear plastic tub idea. I refuse to get a toy box. I loathe them.

  4. I followed your blog from the great comments you posted on my blog. :) Your blog layout, family, and photographs are all so beautiful and perfect. I can tell you are very gifted at what you do. But do you ever worry about putting too much of your personal life on the web, especially Donovan? But I will follow your story from here on out!

  5. My roses are in bloom too, loving it. I cleared out all the grass that I let grow up because they were choking out the roses.

    R loves to get in the dirt and is doing gardening at school. She and D can dig together next time we're all together



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