Friday, April 10, 2009

New Kicks

Today's felt like a rough week, and I'm not entirely sure why. It's hard to tell sometimes whether it's his mood that's worse or if I'm being more sensitive to it. Donovan's started waking up a little earlier in the mornings again-- he'd just gotten back to is 6am "schedule" but then yesterday woke up at 5:50am (no biggie, right?) and then this morning at 5:40am, and I can see where this pattern is going b/c it's exactly what happened last time right before he started waking at 4:30-5am every day for over a week. BTW we already have blackout shades in his room. I can deal with 6am wakeups, not ideal but workable, but anytime before that just seems cruel. So I've made the executive decision to shift his bedtime back from 7pm to 7:30 in hopes that we can shift his whole "sleep phase" and get him sleeping just a tad bit later in the morning. It's tough getting him to stay up even that extra little bit, but it's worth a try, right?

I had a playdate planned with a few other moms this morning at the mall, which I was very much looking forward to as little D and I were not getting off to the best of starts this morning. We had fun chasing the kiddoes around the indoor playground, then had a great lunch together. Need to plan these sorts of things more often. After lunch we all parted ways, and I took a tired D over to the Stride Rite store to get him fitted and some new shoes. We wound up getting these:
They're a tad bit on the big side but not too bad, and he seems very comfortable walking in them. I'm hoping they actually last us through summer, but I may also keep an eye out for sales on the store website and buy another pair in the next size if there's a good deal. Ideally I'd want to have a second pair of shoes for him, like tennis shoes or maybe a semi-dressy pair, but considering the cost and that he'll be outgrowing shoes and thus needing new ones every 2-4 months or so I just can't justify the cost. I'm already spending more money on his shoes than I think I ever have for myself (but I guess that's how it goes, huh?).

Dinner's almost ready, so I'm off to enjoy my Friday night with my husband.


  1. Super cute! I think planning ahead and being able to find good shoes is what you'll have to watch out after the most... Good luck with it all. I say, at least you live in the US where you might be able to find sales on shoes....

  2. adorable! E has a bunch of Stride Rite shoes that my mom got from Marshall's at about $12 a pair- the same EXEACT ones that are in the store for $50.



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