Thursday, April 23, 2009

I think my kid's broken

D's taking an extra-long afternoon nap today-- 2.5hrs and counting!! The past 2 days he's slept for 2 hours in the afternoon. I am aghast. This is a kid who until recently only napped in 45minute increments. I don't know if this is a new thing, or if it's b/c he's been having some trouble at night (remember my ranting about the weather? Well, now it's starting to cool off again and the past couple nights his room's been pretty warm still when he goes to bed so he kinda has trouble going to sleep unless in light clothes and with a fan, but by 2 or 3am it's cold and so he wakes up and needs a heavy blanket). I know I probably should be going in and waking him up after a certain amount of time to help him sleep better at night, but I seem to be physically incapable of purposefully waking up a young child. Ok, not really, but I just am really really really averse to it. Especially since he's been waking up from these long naps all happy and smiley (as opposed to crying, which is the usual). So instead I'll take advantage while I can. For all I know we'll be back to short naps tomorrow (gotta keep expectations low!).

D continues to be fascinated by playing with water. I turned the faucet on the other day, and he stood there sticking his hand in the stream for I don't know how long, getting totally soaked in the process. I didn't remember until later that he used to do the same thing as a little baby, back when we bathed him using the detachable shower head in our old bathroom. He loved the water stream, and would hold his hands in it just to feel the water on him. I don't know what that means, but it's an interesting fascination of his.

We went to swim lessons again this morning. D had a great time-- it almost seems like something's clicked and he is really loving it now (not that he didn't before, but just seemed a bit apprehensive). He's smiling and seeming more relaxed in class, as opposed to sucking on his thumb the entire time. He's able to dip his face in the water now, and can hold on to the side of the pool all by himself. We're still working on him to kick his legs on his own, but I think that'll come along soon enough. I recently got the notice from the swim school about the summer session, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to another session right away, but after this morning I really do think it's the right thing to do to keep at it. They have a different schedule for summer, and the option to meet once a week for 12 weeks (what we're doing now) or more often for a shorter period of time, which I think is the way we'll go both for the more frequent practice and also works better with our summer schedule since we have a 2-week vacation planned in Tahoe (WOOT!) and don't want to pay for classes and then be gone for them.


  1. I think boys love to splash and play in the water. I know little Max did at the age of 2 and I'm sure he did even before then. I think it's also something he can do on his own...

    Great about vacation and swim lessons. We leave Saturday for our whirlwind tour of California...

  2. I assume he got unbroken and woke up eventually?

    I love the first photo (especially the Keep Austin Weird t-shirt!)

  3. Oh, that's probably something I wouldn't want to fix, lol.

    Beautiful photos!!!

  4. Ooh, that is such a cool photo! (The second one.)

  5. Hi there, I found you from Expat. You have some really lovely photos here! Have a great vacation.



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