Thursday, April 16, 2009


battle wound
You can see his busted nose pretty good in this photo. Poor kid. At Gymboree and at swim class this week the teachers have all been asking what happened. It's healing up now, and most of the scab on his nostril is already gone.

I got an email from the swim school about registering for the summer session. Weird to be thinking about that already... but it seems they offer more frequent classes in the summer (2-3x a week, or more if wanted) which might be nice. I sometimes think that 30 mins once a week isn't quite enough to really practice much, and feel bad that he's not getting any practice pool time in between classes (maybe when it warms up a bit we'll start heading over to Monika and Audrey's more often to take advantage of the community pool...? =P ). Not that I or the classes are trying to drill him on swimming, but just to work on things like him learning to kick or move his arms as precursors to actually swimming.

I've also started looking into local Mother's Morning Out-type programs. I don't know that I'll sign up for one, but I'd at least like to know the options and cost. Part of me feels "lazy" for wanting to hand off the kid for a few hours once or twice a week. But then I remember that I work at this "job" about 150hr/week and so a little break here or there would be well deserved. Unfortunately internet searches aren't turning up much of anything (how is it possible that not all of these programs have websites??? *shock* oh wait many of these are church-based with sweet-yet-often-not-computer-savvy older ladies running them), so I may need to actually turn to *gasp* the yellow pages or something.


  1. Ouch!Good luck finding the mothers out thing.. I think one great reason for D to be in something like that is it teaches him sharing and how to be with other kids. Really that is needed (In my opinion) or you might have a few bad problems in the terrible two's.... (i.e. sharing)

  2. Poor babe!

    Don't feel guilty about finding a MDO program. It does teach social skills to an extent and helps with separation anxiety too. R loved her day care. She still misses her first best friend Lily. Plus I was a better mother for having a break.

  3. You deserve the break! I work 3 days a week and then I'm with G the other 4...This week I had her in daycare on one of my "off days" as I had a meeting but it was cancelled. I kept her in daycare anyway and took the time to regroup. It was awesome for me and for her b/c I was WAY less stressed after... DO IT! : )

  4. Have you perused That might be an option!

  5. Anonymous10:35 PM

    yes marcy!!! come... come... anytime
    Audrey loves swimming and would love to have you both join us :)

  6. If it doesn't have a website, does it really even exist?

  7. So... I'm biased, but any ELCA Lutheran churches in your area? They might have something... :P

    Or what about a YMCA-type place?

    MMO = good!!!



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