Monday, April 27, 2009

Spending time with the Gparents

Zach's parents, Hank and Susan, flew in Friday morning for a visit. As a funny coincidence, Cyrus's mom and step-dad also flew in Friday morning... on the same flight! So Zach and Cyrus carpooled to work, and then out to the airport to pick everyone up. They got in a little before noon, after which Zach stayed home for the day so we could all spend some time just hanging out and enjoying family time. Well, except for me, I took the opportunity to go run some errands sans-kiddo. I re-discovered a Trader Joes location that's recently been renovated and is now HUGE and it was very, very nice to get to walk the aisles without worrying about Donovan getting upset and bored. ; ) That night after D went to bed, Hank and Susan practically kicked us out the door to go on a date, so we went to a local bookstore and coffee shop. And they were right, it was quite nice to get out and get to just talk together for a bit. =)

Saturday was Family Fun Day for the local Little League, which our neighbor's son is part of. Susan was still tired from the previous day's early traveling, and her foot is also hurt, so she stayed home while Hank, Zach, Donovan, and I went to show our support. It was fun, they had a HUGE bouncy house contraption and different games and raffles, etc. D got to have his first taste of cotton candy (he was suspicious at first, but as soon as I got some in his mouth his eyes lit up and he demanded more). Unfortunately we arrived after the games were done, so we didn't get to see any of the kids play-- I think both Zach and Hank were disappointed, as Zach played little league for years as a kid and loved it. But, we'll have to go back-- I think the season goes on till June still, so there's time. (more pictures here)
Family Fun Day-8
We came home to give D a calm afternoon nap, and then went to Cyrus and Julia's for a backyard BBQ to celebrate Betsy and Bennet (Cy's mom and step-dad)'s visit and recent nuptials-- they just got married this past December. Cyrus grilled up some yummy chicken, tritip, and corn on the cob, and the boys trasnferred their most recent batch of home-brew into bottles for the last phase of fermentation. Sophia and Donovan had fun playing outside with fun toys (D also gave his grandparents a workout by making them follow him all over the yard and house). D also tried helping with the beer-making-- every time they brought out the hose to wash off anything he got VERY interested. =P Eventually we had to take D home for his bedtime, but afterwards grandparents again watched the sleeping kiddoes while Cyrus, Julia, and Zach and I went out for a drink at a nearby dive bar. I had my first appletini in I-don't-even-remember-how-long. We were home by about 10pm, I think, but again it was fun to get out. (more pictures here)
Sunday morning D took an amazing TWO HOUR NAP while Zach and Hank went to the farmer's market. Once he woke up, Zach got back from the market, and we got dressed and ready, Zach, D, and I went to little Maddie's first birthday party. The party was outdoors, and it was a gorgeous day (if a tad bit chilly at times). D had a fun time walking around and checking out the playground. Poor little Maddie was not too into the cake when it was time for her to eat, but other than that seemed to enjoy herself. One of the parents had some remote-control cars and even a helisopter, and as soon as D spotted one of the cars he just went still and was completely enthralled. It's funny how certain things seem to be so ingrained, like his love of cars and wheels. I'd hoped D would sleep on the car ride back from the party, but he didn't seem to into taking an afternoon nap, I guess since he took such a good morning nap. Luckily his mood didn't seem to suffer much for it. We spent the rest of the afternoon at home, playing indoors and out. (party pictures here)

Zach took today off from work as well, and he, Hank and Susan, and Donovan are playing at the park down the street right now, giving me time to catch up on sorting and uploading photos. Tomorrow he'll go back to work, and then Hank and Susan leave Wednesday morning.


  1. That's my nephew! Cotton candy = little pink clouds of HEAVEN.

  2. I love his shirt, does it say "still living with the parents" that's funny! Also, what a cute pic of him and Sophia, I see he is reaching for her hand. How cute is that?
    We went to the SF Zoo Saturday with some friends. ONe of our friends bought cotton candy and offered some to Josie. She wasn't interested in it. She was offered it a couple times. I didn't force the issue, boy if she knew what she had missed, she'd be a sad little girl.



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