Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Somehow the to-do list never seems shorter, no matter how many items get checked off...

Hank and Susan left this morning. Funny how I've definitely been taking advantage of having them around, taking care of Donovan, but I've spent that time doing a bunch of other stuff that's resulted in me neglecting my blog for a few days there. I guess our days did get fairly busy, and I got mostly caught up on photos (also took a whole bunch of new ones...). I also spent a bunch of time combing through various online articles on promoting your etsy shop and made myself a fan page on Facebook.

While here, my in-laws practically shoved Zach and I out the door to go on date nights each night. It was definitely nice to go out-- Zach and I got lots of quality time together, we went out on a double-date with Cyrus and Julia one of the nights for drinks, and last night we went to Borders where Zach skimmed most of one book he wanted to read, and I made it through most of Bryan Peterson's Understanding Shutter Speed. But it also meant that we didn't make it to bed before 11pm any of those nights, and even though I did get to sleep in a couple extra hours most mornings it was more half-asleep-half-awake resting that deep sleep. Long story short, I'm tired. (don't get me wrong, those mornings were absolutely luxurious and I enjoyed every single minute of lingering in bed while listening to someone else playing with my kid)

D and I had a pretty decent day today, till right around 5pm when he started getting super fussy. Everything he wanted to do was stuff he's not allowed to, and every "no" coming out of my mouth threw him into wailing fits. Eventually I thought to myself, "you know, he really is not like this usually," and looked in his mouth and could feel one point of a potential molar that's already broken through the gum. Hmm. So I gave him Motrin, then we had dinner, bath, bedtime, some more tears, and now he's asleep and Zach's serving me a dinner of pizza and sweet potato fries. I think we'll be watching The Daily Show, then be off to bed early tonight.

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  1. I Love those date night when they parents or in-laws are around! Here's a unique date night my husband and I had on one such visit
    I'm also a California girl, but still overseas in Germany, come by to say hello!



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