Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Donovan has been totally blowing me away lately. His ability to make his wishes known is growing so fast. He's not saying many words still (I'm feeling more certain about his "Mama," and Mom swears he's also saying "no" and "uh oh"), but he's interacting with us more to still manage to tell us what he wants. Like when he picks up one of his books and brings it over to me to read. He's been doing this consistently, probably a few times a day lately, and it only just started maybe a week ago. And about 50-60% of the time it's the same book he brings. =P

This morning Zach was playing a little with D after waking up, and suddenly D walks up to him, grabs one of Zach's finger, and leads him from the bedroom all the way over to his high chair in the dining room to show that he wanted breakfast. Then later on today I was getting a few things ready for us to go to Gymboree, but it wasn't really time to go yet. Well, D decided that indeed it was-- he grabbed his shoe from the table, came over to where I was sitting on the floor, and plopped himself down on my lap all ready for me to put his shoes on! And this afternoon when I was eating a piece of cinnamon bread I'd broken off a piece or 2 for him, and then I offered him the slice in my hand to see if he'd take a bite. No go, but instead he grabbed my left hand and moved it to the slice I was holding in my right hand, so that I'd break off another piece for him. He's hardly done things like this before today, either. It's like a lightbulb went off in his head about this new way to communicate with us, and now he's using it all the time.

So proud of my little man. =)



    He comes from good stock, that one. Not really surprised he's such a genius baby.

  2. Very Cute! Ironically the word ver says raceater

  3. love the pic! He will continue to amaze you!!I remember when E brought me a book for the first time. ENJOY!



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