Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well, this makes things a bit simpler

It was just over a month ago that I bought our 2nd stroller, a Maclaren Volo, and since then I've kind of fallen head over heels in love with it. It's soooo much lighter and smaller than our big stroller, really nice and easy to maneuver, and the handlebars are high enough so that they're comfortable for Zach to push (also soon to be a consideration for when his tall Aunt Jenny's taking him on walks! =P). I normally don't like the handles that are 2 separates bars like the Maclarens have, but the stroller is light and easy enough to push that I can still use just one hand when needed and not feel strained trying to push and steer it. It's so easy to fold, and so tiny while folded, that it takes up hardly any space at all. It's already got me thinking about how, if our current strollers don't last till baby #2, I'd want to seriously consider this brand again. The only downside is that as of late I've started wondering if it might have been worth it to go with the Triumph after all, for the ability to recline the seat.

As part of our move Zach's company is paying for the boat shipment that takes about 2 months to complete (which will be sent this week) and also an air shipment, which takes 1-2 weeks. We've been planning to use the air shipment to send a few things that we want to have more available, including the Maclaren. Then the other day Zach started looking and what these shipments are costing work-- the air shipment is about $4,000. Looking at everything we've been planning to put in it, the total cost of buying everything new would maybe come to $1,000, probably less. Spending 4x the amount to ship the items seems kind of silly. So Zach talked to a few people at work today, and they agreed to allow us to claim up to $1,000 worth of goods instead of using the air shipment.

This means that things we'd planned to ship by air, such as D's bumbo seat (which I've been using as his "high chair" for giving solid foods) and the stroller, we can now keep till the very end, sell or give away, and then as soon as we get to California can buy new ones (and not have to wait the 1-2 weeks it would take for the air shipment to arrive). AND we can even upgrade to the Triumph! =P Which I feel super excited about (I know that's silly, but hey-- new shiny baby stuff! lol). This also makes our sorting out of stuff a bit simpler.

On a different note, WE JUST SOLD OUR CAR!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! We even get to keep it till the last week. The best part? They'll just pay us cash, and b/c it's Switzerland they'll be able to walk up to an ATM and pull out 9 one-thousand swiss franc bills to pay us with.

Ok, need to go do some more packing so we're not too overwhelmed with stuff for tomorrow. Oh, and tomorrow is D's 7 month birthday, so I need to write out his monthly letter. So much to do, so little time.


  1. We are so excited you are coming back and we have both a Bumbo seat and a Macclaren Quest that you can borrow until you buy new ones.....Sophie is not using them yet.

  2. I use the MaClaren Techno XT - it reclines all the way (great when Little G takes a nap while strolling) and the bonnet can be pushed down even further when you unzip it. I find this very useful with having a redheaded, very fair skinned baby!



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