Sunday, September 07, 2008


I sorta got caught up on flickr uploads yesterday and today, including finally getting around to editing (mainly meager attempts at fixing horrible exposures) and posting the pictures from the small going-away party we had last week. The pics are far from great-- I have a really hard time taking pictures of people at a party, as I don't want to interrupt the moment or make people uncomfortable and just feel too shy about getting in anyone's face with a big camera, thus I hardly take any or take the care and time to take good ones-- but at least I captured most of the people for remembrance's sake.

I was helping D practice sitting up earlier today and was pleased and shocked to see that he was able to sit unsupported for a good 30 seconds to a minute or so. You could even see him start to tip to one side or the other and make the effort to balance himself out and stay upright. Yay Donovan! =P It's gonna be so fun having him be able to sit up and free his hands completely for playing and exploring.

Zach, JC and I met up with our friend Sara in Carouge this morning for a semi-brunch. Her husband had a cold so wasn't able to join us, unfortunately. We had a fun time, though, and luckily the weather was sunny, if a bit chilly. It's probably the last time we'll see her before the move. She has family in California so perhaps we'll see her there someday.

Tomorrow morning we head off to the mountains for the week. My mom and step-dad will be meeting us there, in the evening. I am beyond excited to get to see them, and for them to see D and how much he's grown and developed in the past few months since they last saw him. It's gonna be a fun week. =) I'm not sure what internet access will be like for us there, so there may or may not be postings while we're gone.

Holy cow. Less than 2 weeks left. I am in disbelief.


  1. Hi there - I'm a nestie and have been reading your blog since you were's fantastic in its honesty!! : ) Today was the first day that I checked out your Flickr page and you have inspired me for sure! I might have questions as a sift through all ofthe fantastic pictures but wanted to say GOOD WORK for now!!


  2. You will be forgiven your lack of posting, as long as, upon your return to the world of InternetzLand, you have loads and loads of photos to share.

  3. so D has some new skills to develop? Just give me the playbook of what's been worked on thus far, and I can start planning the training regiment for lil rest, practice starts Saturday morning the 20th at 10am sharp!

    --Coach J

  4. it was fun to see you guys! i hope we will see you some time in cali :)

    and, um, if you get hits on that flickr pic it might have been because i sent the link to a few friends because its so cute :)

  5. I really hope you take it all in.. I'm sure there will be places you've wished to go, but I think it's so wonderful that you guys are out enjoying the mountains!



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